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Ancient City of Sigiriya

Segiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is a palace built on the large stone, including a town and water gardens which is exhibiting the growth of ancient architectural technologies.

Ace Hotel: Young, Hip and Historically Preserved

I confess: There are times I lose hope that we can imbue our young people with a reverence for our history, for the need to preserve our architectural treasures of past eras. But on a recent tour of the new Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, my faith was restored. This 1920s former office building and luxurious theater have been imbued with a modern touch, but with a respect for its rich and fascinating history.

The Best Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

The article features the names of the best restaurants found in the capital of Japan. It gives out information as to which restaurants should be tried and why.

Having Trouble Figuring Out the Green Car?

After living here almost 27 years I still almost start to cry when I see the Green Car (premium seat car) slide past and go way down to the other side of the platform when I thought I was standing in the right place to meet it right when it arrives… Even when I stand on the little sticker that has a logo of the green car, I still seem to mess things up and end up running to get on the car that is actually supposed to EASE my mind not give me more STRESS!

5 Popular Christmas Destinations Around The World

We are barely two months away from Christmas, and most of us are already involved into the preparations for the Christmas celebrations. This year, I am thinking to break the old tradition of celebrating the festival at home, and wishing to give myself a treat by going for a holiday (You can share my thought too!).

Can’t-Miss Sites in Beverly Hills

There’s a lot to see in Beverly Hills. This article will help you select what must-see sites you want to add to your itinerary.

Popular Mobile Stores in Durgapur

In the recent past, the consumer market in Durgapur and its adjoining areas have witnessed an increasing level of purchasing power in its people. The town offers all types branded and local consumer products. Especially, it is most famous for electronic shops which have rich prospects owing to rising demand of electronic goods amongst all classes of people.

Japanese Geta To Getya Going!

Are you from Hawaii? If you are… help me out here. At Pearl Ridge Elementary School (during the 70s) we went through a footwear boom called “Klonks”. It was just around the time that coolots (the jeans type) and those feathered clip-on decorations you put in your hair, were popular.

How To Transfer To Paris Downtown From Charles De Gaulle Airport

Charles De Gaulle (CDG) is the largest and most important airport in France. If you want to travel from the airport to Paris downtown, there are three ways in which you can do it: using metro line, Taxi and public bus service. Metro line This is the most popular transport systems in Paris and it runs Monday, Thursday, and Sunday from 5.30 Am to 1.15 AM. On Friday and Saturday the line runs from 5.30 Am to 2.15 PM.

What Is T-Money in South Korea?

T-money is a revolutionary payment system which can be used in subway stations, buses, taxis, convenience stores, vending machines, and other businesses like Lotte World. Currently, the T-money system has been implemented into the metropolitan cities of Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon, as well as some other areas like Gyeonggido and Incheon. So, how do you get started?

Explore London’s Lesser-Known Museums

Once you’ve arranged your Gatwick airport taxi into London, spend some time exploring the best of the alternative museums. Here are a few of them.

What to See in London For a First Time Visitor

It can be difficult to choose what to do when you arrive in London. Once you’ve settled in from your Gatwick airport transfers, here are some suggestions.

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