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A Refreshing Vacation to Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, situated on the Oahu Islands. It extends from the east of Pearl Harbor, southeastern shore of Oahu to Makapu’u Point. The mention of this place is enough to imagine you on a voyage to distant lands. The city is the home to several museums, rocking shorelines, stunning beaches and tropical scenery.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Elephant Orphanage

At 11 o’clock the rope barrier is dropped and everyone enters the Elephant Orphanage. Baby elephants (like human babies) cannot survive without care and the dedicated team at the orphanage provide both the physical and emotional care required. During visiting hours, the elephants are fed and the keepers introduce each orphan and tell their story. The Elephant Orphanage is a great activity for children, conservationists and anyone who loves elephants. It is located adjacent to Nairobi National Park, not far outside Nairobi’s city centre. Are you keen to visit the baby elephants in Nairobi?

Interesting Facts About Ancient Rome

Rome is undeniably among the most beautiful places in the world that draw attention and interest of millions of tourists from around the world. Every year, tourist visits gradually increase, thus keeping it among the top 10 most visited cities in the world.

Bonaire Food and Travel Tips

Traveling and eating go hand in hand, and no one wants to travel somewhere where delicious food can’t be found! Whether you have the budget to eat out on the island’s best restaurants every night of the week or would like to try a variety of cuisines, Bonaire has the food, the sights and the sounds for you when you take your next trip. Here are a few Bonaire food and travel tips to keep in mind next time you arrive in this beautiful island paradise!

The Must-Try Foods in Shanghai

When you visit a different country you want to try food that is traditional and different to see whether you like the local delicacies. If you are heading on a tour to Shanghai then you are in luck as the city is renowned for its quirky cuisine. Here we take you through some of Shanghai’s best dishes that you just have to try during your visit to the Pearl of the Orient.

City of Joy: Kolkata

It is also known as the ‘City of Joy’ after a book on the same name chronicling life in the Kolkata streets was published by writer Dominique Lapierre. Kolkata is the third most populous metropolis in India and is the most important hub in the north eastern part of the country. It is the capital of the state of West Bengal and is home to a bustling mix of communities.

God’s Own Country: Kerala

Thronged by travelers from around the world who come here to explore the myriad sights and sounds of the place – there is so much to do and so much to learn in the process. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of the state and it is the 12th most populous state in the country. Ruled by major dynasties like the Cheras and others as well as a major spice exporter since a long time – Kerala has a rich history indeed.

The Top 5 Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a small island country located in South Eastern Asia. Although the density population in this city state is on the higher state, its lush greenery, parks and natural reserves make it a very popular holiday destination. The city is an amalgam of the India, Malay and Chinese culture and provides soul food for the traveler for whom every place is a learning experience. This article guides you on economical traveling, yet creating those memories for yourself.

The Top Sights to See in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a popular holiday destination as it boasts a number of attractions and offers visitors a number of things to do. If you are heading on any river cruises or another type of holiday in the Netherlands in 2014 or 2015 then you will want to know what the top sights are – here we have chosen our top sights to see. The canals & waterways of Amsterdam Amsterdam is a must-see place for all visitors to the Netherlands as it is the capital of the country and is a stunning city…

The Mysterious Land of Tibet

We have never imagined that religion can play such an important role in our lives, until we went to Tibet. It was for us, another momentous big event. The first sight of Tibet is bewildering.

The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis – Home of the Blues, the “King”, and great food and entertainment! If you’re looking for vacation spot with something to do for everyone in your family, then consider visiting Memphis, Tennessee. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should.

Art and Travel at Fort Lauderdale’s The Tunnel

Travelling can always get exciting because of innovations not only on signage and billboards along the way but also because of the artistry and creativity done on road infrastructures. Take the case of The Tunnel which is located at the City Parking Garage in Fort Lauderdale. The innovation on this parking garage is the brainchild of Florida Artist University (FAU) assistant professor in architecture Henning Haupt.

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