Driving the Back of the Dragon in Tazewell Virginia – best motorcycle road ever.

History of Patna

Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar has a long history of about three millennia. The place has a rich heritage as it was strongly associated with Buddhism, Jainism, Gupta period, Mauryan period and Mughal period. It was a prominent city in India both in pre-independence period and post independence period.

Short City Breaks: Salvador’s Architectural Gems

After exploring Brazil’s Pantanal and Amazon, take a break in one of Brazil’s most culturally exciting cities: Salvador de Bahia. Replete with colonial architectural gems and Afro-Brazilian influences, Sal-vador, located on one of Brazil’s loveliest coastlines, is a not to be missed cultural hub. Travelers will embrace this city for its lively atmosphere, historically significant attractions, musical performances, and natural beauty.

Rainy Day Ideas in Tampa

Tampa is a beautiful city to visit and offers countless recreational opportunities. Tourists can go sightseeing or spend time in amusement parks or at festivals. However, what type of recreational activities can people take advantage of in the Tampa area on a rainy day?

Why Staines Upon Thames?

In December 2011, Spelthorne Borough Council decided to change the name of the major town in the area, Staines to Staines upon Thames. Why would they do that – many of the reasons are discussed in this article.

Scintillating Singapore

Singapore sparkles as the jewel of Southeast Asia. Being a multicultural city, Singapore showcases a variety in not just the cultures but also its vast range of places, food, people and everyday life. Read about the most exciting place you could be in, when heading East!

Toronto Center for the Arts

The Toronto Centre for the Arts was previously known as the “Ford Centre for the Performing Arts,” and before that, when it opened in 1993 as the “North York Performing Arts Centre.” Designed by Canadian architect Eberhard Zeidler, the Toronto Center for Arts is accessible by major highways, arteries as well as the public transit system.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal – 19th Century Engineering Feat Transformed Georgetown Waterfront

Running West from Rock Creek Park along the Potomac River, the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal lives on as a shining example of the American canal-building era. Engineering feats include the 11 stone aqueducts spanning major Potomac tributaries, the seven dams supplying water to the canal as well as 74 different canal locks to accommodate the elevation change of 605 feet.

Easter Traditions on Croatia Holidays

Easter is a good time to book Croatia holidays as the Croatians really celebrate this festival in a big way! Being a Catholic country, to the Croatians, it’s very important; even more so than Christmas. Easter traditionally begins on Palm Sunday and continues throughout the whole of Holy Week. Throughout Croatia there are processions, parades and ceremonies every night and it’s a fabulous time to visit the country and be caught up in all the festivities. Community groups don traditional costumes and sing medieval hymns. Some groups even re-enact scenes from the Bible and all the city gates are blessed.

History of Tourism in Berlin

At present, Berlin plays host to up to 17 million foreign visitors going in and out of this particular state of Germany. And with the diversity of facilities and landmarks to see, from private art galleries, churches and museums, and a plethora of activities to do.

Visit Cracow – The Cultural Heart of Poland

Polish Royal Capital – Cracow, whose history reaches as early as 7th century is the most popular tourism destination in Poland. City offers a wide range of attractions for people all ages.

Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast Hotels: Exploring the Heart of the UK’s Other Capitals

London may be the UK’s most wildly popular capital city, but in fact, there are three other capitals which have just as much to offer. Cardiff in Wales, Edinburgh in Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland are all fascinating destinations and worthy of exploring. One great way to get to know a city – and country – is to visit the hub of their government. And while London’s Houses of Parliament are certainly iconic, it’s worth seeing the equivalents in these other great capitals.

Exploring Bath – A World Class City

A beautiful city found in the heart of Somerset, Bath is a favourite UK destination with many. The city – and the surrounding area – is simply bursting with things to see and do.

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