How To Get Started With Travel Writing

Travel writing is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to earn money online. The fact that you can write about anything you want and earn from it, makes it even more attractive. In this article we will look at some tips on how to get started in travel writing.

1) Get yourself an idea for your travel story

Before you begin writing your travel story, make sure that you have an idea about what kind of travel story you would like to write. If you do not know much about the country you are traveling to, then you should research it first. There are many websites where you can find information about a particular place. For example, if you are going to write about the United States, you can go to Google and type in “United States” followed by “maps”. This will give you a list of different maps for the United States. You can choose any map that interests you. Then, go to the website of that map and read about the area that you are interested in. From there you can get a feel for the culture, geography and history of the place.

2) Write your travel story

Once you have decided on a topic for your travel story, you should start writing. It is important that you do not just sit down and write. You need to take your time and really get into the travel experience. Make sure that you are taking notes as you travel so that you can write your travel story when you get back home.

3) Submit your travel story

After you have written your travel story, you should submit it to a reputable travel writing site. Many sites offer free submission, but there are also many sites that charge a small fee. Be sure to check the terms of service before you submit your story to any site. You may want to search online to see if there are any other sites that you can submit your travel story to. Some sites may have a specific format that they prefer. You may want to contact them to find out if they accept your story in their format.

4) Promote your travel story

When you have written your travel story and submitted it to a reputable travel writing website, it is time to promote it. There are many ways to promote your travel story. You can use your blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to help promote your travel story.

5) Earn money from your travel story

You can also earn money from your travel story. Many travel writing sites allow you to earn money for every page view of your travel story. Some sites pay per click while others pay per impression. If you want to earn money from your travel story, you need to keep track of your earnings. You can use Google Analytics to track your earnings.

6) Other ways to make money with your travel story

There are other ways to make money from your travel story. You can write articles about your travel story. You can also sell your travel story as a book. These are all great ways to make money from your travels.

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