Hutt Lagoon – The Pink Lake Western Australia | Cinematic Drone Footage

Deep Sea Fishing

Considered one of the great adventure sports, deep sea fishing is a stark contrast to the more idyllic image of fishermen calmly awaiting a nibble while sitting in a simple wooden boat on a still lake. Deep sea fishing instead involves traveling beyond the wave barrier to the deeper ocean waters for the chance to catch larger aquatic game, such as tuna, dorado, marlin, or even sharks. In addition to requiring greater physical endurance, deep sea fishing requires a different mindset from mainland fishing.

Walking Tours in Oahu

Rather than explore the islands at the fast pace of a car or spend your entire vacation hidden away at a resort, take time to break out your walking shoes and enjoy Oahu on foot. In addition to several easily available guided tours of Oahu, many visitors enjoy seeing the island at their own pace.

General Information About Budapest

Budapest has several treasures which can be ranked among the bests. But its biggest treasure is undoubtedly its beautiful location. The Castle Hill in Buda and the atmospheric public buildings of Pest lie on either side of a stretch of the Danube crossed by a group of bridges.

Thermal Baths in Hungary

Are you planning to visit Hungary? Here is a brief overview of famous Hungarian thermal baths.

Living in Portugal: 5 Reasons to Study in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best study abroad destinations in Europe. While this country has long been perceived as a tourist hot spot, it is home to one of the world’s oldest universities and has a rich cultural heritage.

Medellin Churches – Medellin Is a Preferred Religious Tourist Destination

Medellin, Colombia is a preferred religious tourist destination. For its many and well-preserved constructions from times of the Colony, the city is visited by thousands every year.

Tokyo’s Weirdest Attractions

A list of some of the most unusual attractions found in Tokyo. Find out about bizarrely themed restaurants and the largest pedestrian crossing in the world!

Life in Portugal: Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for Retirement

Unlike other European countries, Portugal still offers retirees excellent value for money. There are some great places to live in this country, all of which have their own attractions. For the active retiree, there is plenty to do: biking, sailing, diving, swimming, gardening, and fishing.

The Real Medellin Colombia

Medellin, Colombia “The City of Eternal Spring” as it is called is emerging as one of the most exciting cities in the world and perhaps the best climate in the world. The perfect moderate temperatures of Medellin are only interrupted by the occasional rain.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are a culinary phenomena that have been sweeping the country over the last few years. Just as they have gained popularity throughout the continental US, food trucks have become a staple in Hawaii. Serving as casual eateries, these mobile restaurants are a great way to enjoy real island flavors without breaking the bank.

Hawaiian Flowers

The orchid, a delicate, exotic flower, is often associated with Hawaii. However, the actual state flower of Hawaii is the Hawaiian hibiscus. This particular, bright yellow hibiscus variety is just one of seven hibiscus species native to the island chain. Each variety ranges in color and size, but all have the potential to brighten a room and add joy to any event.

Moving to Portugal: Things to Know About Health Insurance in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places to retire in Europe. But before you decide on living in this country, there are a few things that you have to consider, such as health insurance. Whether you are alone or with your family, you need to policy that suits both your needs and your budget.

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