Ipswich Nature Centre & Heritage Queens Park, Queensland

Great Shopping in Columbia’s Vista

A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights shops in the Congaree Vista. Some of the city’s best shopping is found in this downtown district.

Top 11 Must See Attractions in Delhi, India

Delhi, India, is the cultural capital of the country. There are many possibilities for things to do and see when you visit. From impressive temples to chaotic markets, you’ll surely find something you’re interested in and something that’s truly amusing. Here are eleven of the top attractions in Delhi that you shouldn’t miss!

Top Attractions in the City of Cambridge, UK

Every year, three and a half million tourists visit the city of Cambridge. Although it was originally just a place for crossing the River Cam, it has evolved over the centuries into a fascinating city full of things to see and do. From the museums and galleries to festivals and bars, there is something for everyone and plenty of fun and interesting events throughout the year.

Retiring In New Zealand: How To Survive In The Land Down Under

New Zealand, despite its seemingly remote location is a natural haven nevertheless. The mix of the environment and the modern cities make for a great option for a retirement destination.

5 Ways to Live It on the French Riviera

The French Riviera, comprising a stunning stretch of beach-hugging towns along the Mediterranean coastline is a playground for the rich and the famous. The beauty of the region has been immortalized in the works of several painters including Claude Monet and Henri Matisse. The best time to visit the Riviera is in August when the locals escape the cities, towns and villages making way for the tourists who descend here in hordes. Spring and Fall, the so called ‘off season’ months are the perfect months for those who wish to visit Côte d’Azur, as the Riviera is called in French, away for the crowds.

Retiring In Panama: How To Live On The Landbridge Of The Americas

Panama is a great place to retire in for a lot of reasons. First appeal is the proximity to the United States. The second appeal is the cheap cost of living. The third is the natural beauty that one can find within the country.

Carmelite Sisters Receive Egg Offerings in Exchange for Prayers for Good Weather

Along the busy street of Lacson, Mandalagan you won’t probably expect a quiet Monastery just a few walks away from Robinson’s Mall. The abbey is known as the “Carmel of God’s Love” and true of its name, the Carmelite Sisters offer themselves to God by living a life of contemplative prayer and self sacrifice. Since their spiritual focus is on prayer, much of the nuns’ lives are hidden away from the public.

Retiring In Costa Rica: How To Thrive In The Happiest Country In The World

Costa Rica boasts of a very rich ecotourism that retiring nature lovers should strongly consider living in this country. With 23% of the country covered by protected wildlife reserves and national parks, this land has a beautiful mix of natural beauty and modernization.

Retiring In Croatia: About The Appeal Of The Mediterranean Life

Croatia was not always included in the list of best places to go to. The political turmoil and the unstable conditions made it unappealing to the outside world. However, it is now one of the places to consider when you are seriously considering to retire overseas.

The History of Bacolod

Bacolod City, otherwise known as the “City of Smiles”, is renowned throughout the country and the world for its annual Masskara festival held every third week of October and delicious chicken inasal (grilled chicken). It is located in the northwest region of Negros Island and bounded by different cities and municipalities such as Talisay City in the North, Municipality of Murcia in the East, and Bago City in the South. It has a land area of 156.

Zen Tea Tea Room in Bacolod City Offers Affordable Green Tea Based Beverages for the People

Zen Tea is a tea station found in various cities nationwide like in Nuciti Central Batangas in front of Robinson Supermarket. A franchise branch of Zen Tea here in Bacolod City is located at La Salle Avenue. It is part of the many business and food establishments of Main Strip Alley found beside the University Courtyard and in front of the second entrance gate of University of St.

Does Your Chamber of Commerce Have a ‘Fun Things To Do’ Website Page?

Not long ago, I was discussing Chamber of Commerce website designs with a website consultant. He had an interesting take on all of this, first he noted something I’ve always thought; “most of the chamber websites and internet presence is lacking clarity, direction, simplicity, depth, and they clearly don’t understand the realities of social networking. For all of these reasons they end up doing a disservice to both their members and to the consumers who come to those websites hoping to support community minded companies.

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