The best place to eat in Washington DC’s – Western Market where the world’s taste comes to you.

Living in Portugal: Marriage in Portugal

Getting married in Portugal is a unique experience. Foreign citizens who have found their soul mate should understand that Portugal is not a place to conduct a quick marriage. It is recommended to check all information with the local authorities before making any wedding plans.

Life in Portugal: Driving in Portugal

Portugal has one of the highest rates of car accidents in Europe. Many of the basic rules of the road in this country are similar to those across the rest of Europe. Before driving in this country, it is recommended to be familiar with its regulations.

Darien CT Historic Homes: Pond-Weed House

Built about 1700 on the old Boston Post Road, Darien’s Pond-Weed House is a classic Connecticut saltbox with a large stone central chimney and sloping rear lean-to roof-line. It is considered the oldest house still standing in Darien. In 1692 Nathaniel Pond who was listed as a “Blacksmith of Branford” bought the land on which the Pond-Weed house is located near the ford and former sloop landing on the Noroton River.

Hartford CT Historic Houses: Samuel Colt Home, Armsmear

Home of Samuel Colt, the inventor and manufacturer of the Colt firearms, Armsmear – which means “Meadow of arms” – lies at the center of Hartford, Connecticut’s Colt Historic District. Also known as the Samuel Colt Home, it was built for his 1857 marriage to Elizabeth Hart Jarvis on a rise of land overlooking the newly created Colt Armory – at the time, the largest armory in the world.

Colchester CT: Connecticut’s Best Cities For Your Home And Family

Colchester, Connecticut is a charming rural town in New London County comprised of four principal communities – each with its own unique histories. The combination of Colchester’s rural charm together with its close proximity to Hartford, Middletown and New London make it one of Connecticut’s best cities for your home and family.

Simsbury CT Historic Homes: Amos Eno House

Simsbury, Connecticut’s Amos Eno House was built in 1822 by Elisha Phelps, who had been given the land by his father, Noah Phelps who was a prominent Simsbury judge, lawyer, and graduate of Yale University. The Amos Eno House is a late Georgian style residence, with many later additions in the late 1800s occupying a prominent position on the main north-south road through Simsbury village and is an important visual landmark in the town.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station

An Atlanta airport hotel gives an overview of shopping, dining, and entertainment options at Atlantic Station. The midtown development has an outdoor mall, theaters, bars, restaurants, and exhibition space.

Waterbury CT Historic Homes: Benedict-Miller House

Standing majestically on the ridgeline three blocks north of Waterbury Connecticut’s Town Green is the Benedict-Miller House, a visual center point of this historic neighborhood. The colorful mansion is built on a monumental scale with a quilt work of multiple gables, crisscrossed diagonal boards and ornate detail. It was built in 1879 by Charles Benedict, whose company was the largest manufacturer of brass appliances in America.

School Tours to Experience the Natural Wonders of Iceland

As a relatively small, Nordic island country, Iceland makes for an interesting place to visit on school tours. Iceland was settled around A.D. 874 when the Norseman Ingólfur Arnarson became the first person to permanently make his home there.

Interesting Facts About London SE5 to SE8

London isn’t just a land of capitalism, but is also known as the empire of arts and music. Take a look at the postal code areas that come under SE5, SE6, SE7 and SE8 that covers a wide range of districts and towns from Camberwell, Catford to New Eltham.

All About My Beach Holiday in Blouberg

I thought I would capture my feelings about my short vacation in Bloubergstrand. Being a lady from the city of Johannesburg, I was having the best time of my life in the beautiful mother city called Cape Town.

New York Travel Guide: The Big Apple’s Top 5 Hidden Attractions

New York’s myriad attractions have been written about time and time again, but there’s another side to the Big Apple that not every visitor sees. We look at the top five alternative New York attractions.

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