Visiting the Arctic aboard Quark’s luxury exploratory Vessel Ultramarine: Part 5 Polar Plunge

Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal

If you are wondering whether this Basilica has anything in common with the Notre-Dame Basilica in Paris, let us assure you that the only thing in common between both is the name. Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica was built in 1829 and where this huge mammoth of a building stands today there was once a much smaller and older church.

Getting Around In Gdansk

If you’ve chosen to visit Gdansk as part of your travel plans, you’ve picked one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. Located in the northern sector of Poland, Gdansk is a quaint, historical seaport community located on the Baltic Sea. It may seem as if flying into Gdansk airport is the easy part of your travels. Getting to your hotel, and finding your way around Gdansk isn’t all that difficult either.

Las Vegas Restaurants for Kids

There are plenty of good, affordable restaurants to choose from when you’re with kids in Las Vegas. Try out the food courts along the Strip or a themed restaurant such as The Rainforest Cafe or Planet Hollywood.

Local London Guide: The National Gallery

This museum situated on the north side of Trafalgar Square is on the “must see” list for many visitors to London. The gallery is separated to four different wings: The Sainsbury Wing(1250-1500), The West Wing(1500-1600), The North Wing(1600-1700), The East Wing (1700-1900).

Port Aventura – Enjoy Astonishing Rides!

Article encloses an information about the most popular theme park of Spain, Port Aventura, which is also famous all over the world. It covers a material about the most exciting amusement rides, restaurants and shows within an area of Port Aventura.

What Awaits You at Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore offers entertainment that is highly comparable with its other international counterparts, providing the best theme park rides and a whole lot of shopping for tourists all around the world. In fact, this is the only place in the country that gives you the feeling of stepping directly into a movie set, making it an experience that would be magnificent for the person who simply wishes to know what it’s like to be part of Hollywood.

Karwar: A Beach City

Karwar is a town that is located in the state of Karnataka in India and it is visited by a large number of tourists every year. There are some wonderful beaches in town and many hotels in Karwar offer some wonderful accommodation that is available at different rates, making it easy to find a room that is easy on the wallet. There are many activities offered on the beach and a trip to the town offers you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Timeless London

Every year from across the world a huge number of tourists visit London. Its popularity is incomparable to any other city in the world. Why is it that people from across the world get attracted to London year on year?

London, a Perfect Holiday Destination

London is the capital of United Kingdom and is one of the most happening cities in the world. Every year it attracts hundreds of tourists from the various corners of the world. What makes London such a popular holiday destination is its incomparable natural beauty, amazing night life, food, shopping, etc.

Interesting Facts About London

London is the most popular holiday destination in the world. The reasons for London being a popular tourist destination for decades are many. The question is what make is it that makes it so popular?

Tirupati Darshan: 3 Reasons Why to Take a Tirupati Package

Tirupati is a holy place situated in the heart of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Being a sacred place, it is thronged by the Hindu pilgrims throughout the year as the auspiciousness of having a ‘Tirupati darshan’ is said to erode all your sins.

Small Towns of Belgium – The Epitomes of National Culture

In virtue of its long history of conquests, monarch shifts and constant transforming of neighboring European countries, Belgian people cultivated and endeavored to preserve its cultural, religious and ethnic customs, which made them a strong national entity nowadays despite the unity of discrepant Flanders on the north and Walloon on the south. The most powerful centers of long-standing traditions are likely to be met in small towns situated all over the country. Besides conservation of architectural masterpieces in face of medieval and gothic castles and cathedrals, Belgian settlements can be called also the focuses of folk art, in particular, ancient…

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