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Relax, Cancun Beaches Are Still Very Safe For Spring Break

Spring break is the time when college kids get away to recharge their batteries, and it is also a time to pick a destination. Cancun has always been a very popular destination for beach vacations especially those in spring break. That is because the beaches are great and there are plenty of places to have a lot of fun.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Playa Del Carmen Vacation

  Playa del Carmen is located about an hour south of Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, and it is one of the most traveled to destinations in the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen has its advantages when compared to Cancun one of which is that the prices you usually pay will be a lot smaller and so will the crowds. There is still a lot to do the smaller city that is Playa del Carmen and in fact some will say that it is better located in the middle of it all.

Things to Do in Chicago With Kids

For families looking for things to do in Chicago with kids, many options are available. In fact, many of the best attractions in the city are great for kids and adults of all ages. Whether you’ve just moved to the city or you’re planning a nice family vacation to Chicago, the following list will help you ensure your kids have a wonderful time.

Culture of Kolkata

Often called the cultural capital of the nation, Kolkata offers a rich tapestry of art and culture for visitors to explore and enjoy. Known for their welcoming nature, Kolkattans are easy going by nature and can make any outsider feel at home immediately. No wonder that many foreigners who come to the city either for work or leisure end up setting their homes here.

Dine Amid the Pines: 4 Restaurants to Visit in Baguio City

Baguio City’s cool weather isn’t the only thing that travelers should enjoy here. The Philippines’ City of Pines has a treasure trove of dining places that will surely tickle your fancy – and your taste buds.

London’s Other Rivers – The Fleet

The second part of this article introduces the largest of London’s lost rivers and one which can be considered to be integral to the growth and success of the ancient capital, the Fleet; a river which has been subsumed by the development of central London on the northern banks of the River Thames into which it would have emptied. River Fleet Perhaps also the best known of London’s lost rivers, the River Fleet has had a lasting impact on some of London’s most familiar areas and landmarks. As with its two cousins to…

10 Non-Tourist Things to Do in New York City

Tired of the old Empire State Building tour and spin around Times Square? On your next visit to New York City, try a few new things off the beaten path can really enlighten your traveling heart and help you see a whole other side of this city.

London’s Other Rivers – The West End

London is one of the most famous river cities in the world with the River Thames being its lifeblood down the centuries and key to its success as the hub of the biggest empire ever seen. However, if you ask people to name any other rivers running through the UK’s capital they may struggle. Before being built upon, numerous rivers coursed the low lying wetlands that once occupied the site of the Thames basin where London’s modern metropolis stands. Many smaller tributaries have disappeared with the development of the city and a good few streams and rivers became buried in culverts and sewerage systems, with just a handful maintaining their presence above the surface. this article looks at some of the more notable.

Ten Interesting Facts About The Texas State Capitol

If you’re just visiting Austin or making it your home, your experience won’t be complete without seeing the Texas State Capitol at least once. It’s hard to miss! The large and prominent Capitol is situated in downtown Austin, and a number of fun and popular events are situated on the Capitol building grounds.

Madrid – The Best City to Live In

One of the largest cities in Spain, the city of Madrid is a major destination for banking and industrial activities. With a population of over 7 million, the city had a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. This city caters to large volumes of tourists mainly due to its rich cultural heritage, education and nightlife.

Mexico City, Not So Dangerous

Mexico City does not seem as dangerous as people make out, and is filled with amazing sites and sounds. It was a fitting end to our 3 months in Mexico, and a final “yep” on the decision to come back very soon.

Belgium – Festivals and Carnivals Not to Miss!

Everyone loves festivals and carnivals as they are colourful and you get to experience the culture in a true sense. Talking of Belgian festivals – there are varied carnivals and festivals in Belgium which will surely grab your attention. There is a festival for every interest and liking in Belgium.

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