Must Visit Places In Western Australia – Part 2 Bunker Bay #margaretriver

Cuba Festivals and Customs

Cuban festivals are world famous for their vibrancy, color, and excitement. Tourists from all over the globe time their travel plans to coincide with one or more of their favorite festivals in this beautiful country.

The Best Scuba Diving in Cuba

When you think of scuba diving or snorkeling you probably picture the clear blue waters of the Bahamas or Tahiti. However, Cuba is one of the most fantastic and rewarding places to explore the underwater wonders of the Atlantic. With an average temperature of around 75°, the absence of strong currents and mild tides, you’ll find the waters around Cuba nearly ideal for appreciating the varied marine life and other sights that you can see.

Cool Things to Do When Visiting Nottingham

The are loads of things to see and Do in Nottingham. Here is a list of my top Things not to miss when you visit Nottingham.

Manchester Events – The Best Places and Events in Manchester

Manchester was initially a small town in the county of Lancashire, located in the Northern Western part of England. The growth and development of the city during the Industrial Revolution is a direct result of the city’s ideal location and convenient links with the rest of the region. As a result, Manchester soon evolved from a small town into one of the major metropolitan cities of the United Kingdom and also the world. Manchester events and the rich history behind the city have made it a favourite holiday destination. In 2011, Manchester was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Visit the Valleys for a Cardiff Stag Weekend

The Welsh capital city is incredibly popular for stag weekends, and with the array of pubs, clubs, bars and events available it is easy to just why this is. Each stag weekend needs three essentials; food, drink and fun. Here are some suggestions for this terrific trifecta on your Cardiff stag weekend.

Notre Dame Cathedral Of Paris: Where Religion And Fiction Meet

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is France’s most visited monument. It is celebrating the 850th anniversary of the beginning of its construction from December 12th of 2012. Find out what it is about this graceful gothic church that captures people’s imagination.

Memorable Holidays: Destination Croatia

Croatia with its brilliant coastline, charming old fishing villages, numerous medieval Roman ruins, is fast emerging as the destination of choice for both the budget and extravagant travelers. The country is well connected by flights from Europe and is a major port of call for most cruise ships. People from all walks of life arrive here for a holiday of a lifetime. There is something for everyone – national parks and secluded beaches for those who seek solitude and bliss, coastal ports for the jetsetters where they can anchor their mega yachts, Roman ruins for those who wish to unravel the secrets that lie hidden behind their walls, and the laid back atmosphere for those who wish to let go and get away from it all.

A Holiday Guide to Paris

Counted amongst the top tourist destinations in the world, Paris seduces the senses with its romantic ambience and fascinating places. The ultra-chic capital of France, Paris is crammed with great restaurants, fascinating places, famous art galleries and museums, and all things beautiful. It is little wonder than it is a must-do destination for anyone headed to Europe. There is something for everyone from art lovers to style buffs to art connoisseurs to food buffs to outdoor enthusiasts. Sightseers can soak up world-famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Try The Off-Road Communities of Currituck For Your Vacation

Have you longed for a vacation that was literally off the beaten path? When you think of getting away from it all – the phone, the TV, the news – you may be intrigued by the idea of a cabin in the mountains or a leisurely cruise. What if you prefer the beach, though, but not the thick crowds of people on the shore? Visitors who come to the Northern Outer Banks in Currituck County know where to book vacation homes, and you should know, too!

Top Four London Attractions

Found between Richmond and Kew, Kew Gardens is located on the south bank of The River Thames. Kew Gardens also known as The Royal Botanical Garden is famous for its awe-inspiring landscape, colourful gardens and green houses.

A Night Out in Paris

More specifically, climb up to the Sacre Coeur basilica (or take the funicular tram up) and take in the view of the whole of Paris. If you’re really tired, the basilica offers you its pews for rest even during the night (although it may not be appropriate to take photos during services), or you can just sit on the steps (beware of pickpockets and tourists busy taking photos).

From Algarve to Lisbon: Top 5 Traditional Portuguese Dishes

Portuguese cuisine is characterized by rich, varied dishes made with local ingredients. Juicy and lightly-spiced, traditional Portuguese dishes will delight your senses. Here are top five traditional Portuguese recipes that you will love:

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