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Punta Arenas, Chile, the Capital of Patagonia

Patagonia is a region located in the Southern tip of South America, shared by Chile and Argentina, and as such, it does not have a capital city. However for its historical, economic and strategic importance in all fields, Punta Arenas is considered the capital of the Southern Cone of the Americas.

Discover Some Lesser-Known Secrets of Venice

Aside from being home to some of the finest villas in Italy, Venice also has certain ‘secret’ attractions to be enjoyed. Here are just three of them.

Nashik Municipal Corporation

Nashik, a major city in the state of Maharashtra, in India, is also its administrative headquarters. Though it is popular for the grapes grown the regions, and has been nicknamed “the Grapes City,” the city has a number of other nicknames too. One of them is the “City of Checkboxes” and the other is that is it referred as the “Wine Capital of India.”

Horsham – The Beautiful Market Town

Horsham is a little market town in Sussex. An ideal get away from the busy life and relax in the midst of Nature. A dose of history, beautiful gardens and trekking trails and friendly people make this town a lovely place to visit.

Top Child Friendly Attractions in Rome

There are plenty of fun and unusual child-friendly attractions close to your family hotel in Rome. Here are some excellent ones to start with.

Winter Clubs in Rome, Popular Among Young Tourists, Are Finally Open!

Everyone knows the beauty of Rome, the Italian capital that always shines for its history, for its exploits and for its people. Every year the city welcomes millions of tourists, ready to explore its beauty that lives on its tourism, welcoming its visitors in its monuments and in the fullness of its magical atmosphere. It ‘s the magic feeling to be vital for tourism in Rome, people love to be surrounded by so much fullness, visitors love to be pampered by the Mediterranean food, romans entertainment and the colors of a perfect place.

Discover the Storied History of Salzburg

Salzburg Airport transfers will give you the chance to enjoy your first sight of the beautiful city. Here, some common misconceptions are put right.

Day Trips From Prague – See More of the Surrounding Region

There are some fascinating day trips from Prague. Try to fit some of them in after you arrive on the Prague airport transfers.

Discover Prague’s History Through Its Best Museums

After arriving on your Prague airport transfers, make sure you see some of the top museums in the city. Here are just a few.

Prague – A Destination to Sate Your Inner Spy

Prague airport shuttle services offer your first view of the city. They can also be the gateway to a history lesson you’ll never forget.

Essential Etiquette to Remember on a Visit to Salzburg

Good manners will take you far when travelling. Once you arrive on the transfers from Salzburg airport pay attention to this Austrian etiquette.

Top Attractions to Visit in Salzburg

Your transfers from Salzburg Airport can be an opportunity to take in your first view of the cultural wonders of this grand old city. Here’s what to look out for.

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