Grand Hotel Royal – Pure Luxury on the Versilia Coast in Tuscany Italy (Anthem)

Gran Canaria – A Miniature Continent

This article is towards the main places of interest in Gran Canaria, one of the most popular areas in the Canary Islands. Learn some new facts about its historical sites and cultural attractions.

Backwater Houseboat Tours

Kerala’s unique culture and traditions blended with its eye catching demography take tourists to another world. Kerala is famous for its lush green forests, beautiful houseboat, sensational beaches, and divine hills, palm fringed backwaters and scared wildlife.

Bath: The Perfect Destination for a City Break, a Brief Guide

The magnificent World Heritage City of Bath offers a treasure trove of culture, history and charm, which will captivate any visitor who relishes an inspiring break. With exquisitely preserved Georgian buildings, the impressive Royal Crescent, and an abundance of shops and museums, a city break in Bath will not fail to please. Here is a brief guide to just a few tantalising things which will make your trip worthwhile.

Must Visit Places in Australia

Australia is a mega diverse country with its varied range of habitats from alpine heaths to tropical rainforest. There are thousands of famous places that millions of tourists love to visit every year. Australia is home to quite a range of historical Victorian architecture, parks and gardens.

Best Things to Visit in Mountain View California

There is a place to visit in Northern California about 40 miles from San Francisco and about 15 miles from San Jose. The best time to visit is in the months of March and April, when spring is in full bloom. The shoreline at Mountain View Park is situated on the bay, allowing for breath-taking sunsets.

The History of Old Naples Florida

Until the 50s, Old Naples, Florida, thrived as a small oasis along the Gulf of Mexico known to select vacationers and glamorous celebrities who had discovered its charms in the 20s and 30s. In the late 1800s General John S. Williams, a senator from Kentucky, recruited Walter Haldeman, the wealthy publisher of the Louisville Courier-Journal. In 1885, the two sailed down the southwest coast of Florida after reading detailed survey reports of various expeditions along the Coast.

Prague in Winter

A weekend visit to Prague in winter. The charms of the Czech city in the Christmas season.

Greystoke – It’s Not All About Tarzan!

Greystoke is a charming little village with traditional slate roofed cottages dating from the 17th century. Just five miles west of Penrith, Greystoke has a pretty village green with an ancient market cross thought to date back to the early 1600s.

An Attraction and a Restaurant

Staying at one of the luxurious, self-catering Paignton holiday cottages will ensure that you and your family will have a great place to relax at during your holidays in Paignton. You and your family can go visit the popular attractions in Paignton while staying at the cottages.

Getting Festive in Geneva

Christmas is a fantastic time to visit Geneva. You may not have the warm summer sun to enjoy, but there is plenty of Christmas cheer to keep you cosy on the cold winter nights.

Enjoying the Eats in Geneva

After you land at Geneva, airport transfers typically whisk you quickly and efficiently through to your destination. Sometimes that destination may be a ski or mountain holiday resort in the area, or perhaps it will involve transferring you to Geneva centre where you pick-up onward transport. Sometimes, you may get to overnight in one of the city centre’s hotels, prior to moving on to wherever it is you are going.

Geneva: The Crossroads of Europe

Upon your arrival in Geneva, airport transfers will very quickly be able to get you into the centre of the city, which has long been at the crossroads of Europe – both geographically and culturally. Its location means that it has always been well positioned to take in influences from Eastern Europe (historically, it was influenced by what became the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its predecessors). It has also been open to the Latin influences of the south, due to its proximity to the Italian border, and those of the Germanic north of Europe, from Germany and even…

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