Creepy Worm On Brisbane Beach

Rainy Day Activities in Phuket

Phuket is not just about beaches, nightlife and outdoors. Like a fair weather friend, it never lets you down and if it is one of those rainy days, when the weather turns grey and wet, it is the perfect opportunity for you to check out its indoor attractions. There are several glitzy shows on offer as well as spa treatments and Thai massages for rejuvenation and relaxation. So when the sky turns cloudy, here are some activities that you can try out.

Canada’s Loveliest Town: Niagara-On-The-Lake, She’s a Beaut’

Niagara-on-the-Lake is one of Canada’s most history rich towns, playing an important role in the Niagara region. Read about the history and modern day beauty of Upper Canada’s first capital!

Bushmills Guide – 100 Years of History to Visit

Ireland is a small place and Northern Ireland is even smaller. It is therefore surprising to many that this small country is home to a UNESCO world heritage site – the Giant’s Causeway. The closest town to this attraction is Bushmills. This is a visitor’s guide.

Live and Work in Taipei and Experience an Incredible Adventure

Living and working in Taipei or anywhere in Taiwan can be an incredibly fun adventure. I list the top reasons why I think working and living in Taiwan are great.

Touring South Carolina’s State House

A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights South Carolina’s State House in downtown Columbia. Free tours of the State House are given Monday-Friday and the first Saturday of each month.

Palais De La Decouverte Science Museum at the Grand Palais in Paris

With an interactive and hands on approach to the world of science, the Palais de la Decouverte was the brainchild of the nobel prize winner Jean Perrin, who wanted the general public to gain a greater understanding of all different forms of science. And even though this was meant to be temporary exhibition, due to its phenomenal success, the Grand Palais that was constructed for the World Fair, is still home to this museum in Paris that has expanded and got even better over the years.

Looking for Accommodation in Ibiza? Stay at the Ibiza Grand Hotel

Ibiza is located off the east coast of the Spanish mainland in the Mediterranean. It is easily accessible from the United Kingdom. The journey is between 2 -3 hours. There are great places to visit besides checking out the nightlife and techno-pop clubs in Ibiza.

Safety Tips for Women Travelling in India

Solo women travellers hoping to net airline tickets on flights heading for India need to be extra careful and be aware of their surroundings to enjoy their holidays in the nation safely and enjoyably. Not without any reason there is some apprehension when it comes to women travelling all alone to India. Holidays in India for a single female traveller can be tough and challenging, and those who are indeed planning to book tickets on flights for arriving in the country, there is a lot of advice floating around.

Pattaya – A Food Paradise

Pattaya is known for its sensual delights and was once the hub of the sex tourism industry. However, the city has now reinvented itself and is adorned by some great restaurants. Food in Pattaya is fast capturing the imagination of the visitors – infact the range of international cuisine available is simply unbelievable. In Pattaya, high quality does not mean high price. You can easily afford to dine in style – the average price range is 100Baht ($3) to 800Baht ($20) for a satisfying, inter-continental meal.

Savor the South: A Guide to Atlanta’s Best Southern Restaurants

Atlanta is surely one of the most exciting places to visit, a fact underlined by its 35 million annual visitors and justified by its irresistible southern restaurants. With the perfect blend of traditional southern eats and influx of modern celebrity chef restaurants, the dining scene in Atlanta is truly progressing and charming.

Freiburg – Spectacular Gateway to the Black Forest

Freiburg known as the “Jewel of the Black Forest” is the gateway to a life that is far from the clutches of time, and this is where a journey into the heart of the black forest begins. Sitting right at the edge of the Black Forest, Freiburg beckons the discerning eye with its bag of charms.

Beyond Manhattan 2 – Why Cobble Hill and Park Slope Are Worth a Trip

If you are thinking about the best things to do in New York but experiencing Manhattan-fatigue, look no farther than Cobble Hill. Cobble Hill is one of Brooklyn’s eldest communities, first settled by the Dutch during the 1600s, and claiming its name from the cobblestones that used to blanket its roads. Unfortunately for pedestrians, those cobblestones are no longer there.

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