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Know What to Do in NYC During Your Vacation

NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world. When it comes to preparing the list for what to do in NYC, the list seems endless. You have the breathtaking concrete canyon land, business industries, architectures, art and fashion to enjoy.

Algeria – A Dazzling Destination for a Fabulous Vacation

Algeria is the African country that is loaded with amazing tourist attractions. One should pay a visit to Algeria that is rich in history.

The Unique Caribbean Cuisine of the BVI

The varied cultures which inhabited the British Virgin Islands throughout history left behind a unique cuisine that is both enjoyed and imitated. The Arawaks were the original settlers, followed by the Caribs, Spanish, Dutch, English, and French, along with numerous explorers and sea travelers who brought with them a variety of foods which all were added to traditional Caribbean dishes.

Marseille: Be Aware

Marseille has a reputation but with reputations usually come a lot of character. A few hundred years of stories shouldn’t condemn an entire city, nor necessarily its current problems. But be aware of what you’re getting into. For those willing to get a taste of what the non-Parisian side of France city life has on the menu, Marseille and it’s kitchens are prepped and ready to serve.

Chicago’s Bucktown and Its Shops

You may find Chicago cold if you arrive in winter, but at any time the Bucktown neighborhood is hip and low-keyed. It has an urbane atmosphere and an unspoken but warm welcome into the favorite haunts of the young and the local. From long-established dive bars to the reinvented general store, from old hats to absinthe, a few hours in Bucktown is like the perfect one-night stand: the neighborhood treats you right, teaches you a few things, and offers you a great breakfast.

Bukidnon – The Highland Paradise

Bukidnon is known as the food basket of the Philippines. Learn more about this beautiful highland paradise that does not only offer breathtaking views but rich culture, amazing tourist spots and friendly people as well.

New Mumbai: The World’s Largest Planned City

On the east section of Thane creek and in the district of Thane sits the cosmopolitan planned city of Navi Mumbai, also known as New Mumbai. It’s Mumbai’s twin city and was built with the intention of mainly clearing the city of its suffocating feel and making it more breathable.

Take an Excursion to Karachi to Grab Its Amazing Highlights

Karachi is one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations on the planet. It is packed with a plethora of interesting highlights.

Major Attractions of Adelaide

Adelaide interests many tourists from across the world. Be it with its amazing all year long weather, ceaseless beaches, astonishing nightlife, picturesque landscapes, or wineries.

London’s Royal Parks – St James’s and Greenwich

In the preceding parts of this tetralogy of articles looking at the Royal Parks of London, the focus has moved across London covering the parks of Bushy, Richmond, Kensington, Hyde, Regent’s and Green Park. The last two green spaces up for consideration take us from the centre of London with St James’s Park and out towards the south east with Greenwich Park.

Salvador, A Fine Blend Of History, Nature And Modern Conveniences

Salvador, the colonial capital of Brazil and the current capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia is a favorite tourist destination. It has all the conveniences and infrastructure that a modern city offers and an easygoing, friendly and fun loving population.

Offbeat Virginia Beach

When most visitors come to Virginia Beach, it’s to take advantage of the pleasant weather and beautiful shoreline. Having lived in the area for many years, I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to enjoy here, and have taken the time to look over a few offbeat attractions. When you visit the Oceanfront strip, you’ll find a growing midway amusement park area – a nice hearkening back to the early days of boardwalk entertainment – and a few haunted rides for the tourists. Virginia Beach is quite rich in lore and oddities, too, so if you’re interested in the unexplained you can take a day off and try the Ripley museum in Williamsburg, or stick around town and see these other wonders.

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