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The Google Pixel 4a has been an amazing phone for photography. Here are my top tips if you want to take good, professional looking photographs with the Pixel 4a!

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– Boya microphone

Chinese Fishing Nets – A Significant Part of Cochin’s Culture for 500 Years

Having the chance to be in Cochin, which is one of the oldest cities in the country that was built and curated by multiple wars, is indeed an opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday experience. While you are in the place, take time out and visit the Chinese fishing nets, which have become the unofficial emblem of Vasco-da-Gama Square in Kochi.

Exquisite Bamberg Germany

Aside from being one of the most important towns in Bavaria’s Upper Franconia region, Bamberg is also one of Germany’s most picturesque communities. The town is crisscrossed by a number of rivers and canals and was founded by archbishops, who decided to build the town around seven hills.

Springfield Missouri Fun Facts

Every city has some fun and interesting facts that you may not have heard before. Here are Springfield Missouri’s interesting facts.

Getting to Know the Sights and Character of Delhi – India

To many, the Indian city of Delhi is the main gateway to one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the world, the Taj Mahal. But Delhi even without the Taj Mahal makes a very fascinating travel destination due to its sights, sounds, colorful culture and people.

The Chic and Fun French Town of Deauville

If you want to take a break from the cosmopolitan scene of the French capital of Paris, Deauville makes an excellent choice for a quick and lovely holiday. Together with its neighboring resort town of Trouville, Deauville is offered called the Parisian Riviera, also it is officially a part of the Normandy Riviera.

How About Some Quiet Sojourn and Bonfire in the Tranquility of Dalhousie?

Dalhousie is a picturesque hill resort that served as the mid-summer resort for the British in the old times. It is a quaint town with unwinding, narrow lanes and tall pines all around. In summer it is a haven away from rising temperature elsewhere in India. In monsoons and winters, it is a wonderful place for spending your holiday under the bonfire and chill. Read on to know more.

A Comprehensive Guide to Explore Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful city; full of vibrancy and lights. No matter what time of the year you’re visiting, you’ll be delighted to explore the attractions the city offers to its tourists. Whether it’s your first trip or the fifteenth, there’s a lot you can do in Chicago!

Top 10 Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Though lesser known than its glamorous counterpart, the tranquil and green city of Abu Dhabi, has also been making every attempt to match up-to the tourists’ expectations of comfort, entertainment and luxury. Also, apart from being the city that has abundant oil reserves, it also has landmarks, both historic and modern that adds to its aestheticism.

The History of Florence Between Art and Progress

Florence is one of most famous cities in the world, this famous Italian city is famous all over the world due to its Renaissance sculptures, paintings of great value and majestic buildings built by master builders of the past. For centuries Florence was one of the richest and most important cities of the West, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Florence was known for being the ideal place for artists and masters of all kinds. Florence in the past for centuries has enjoyed an excellent economic situation arising from flourishing trade and the…

The Fantastic Puerto Rican Surfing Town of Rincon, USA

Fondly called “Little Malibu”, the Puerto Rican town of Rincon has been known as a surfing hub, especially after it became the venue for the World Surfing Championships in 1968. Because of its popularity among foreign surfers, a number of Puerto Ricans often refer to the town as the “Gringo Paradise.

Italian Trip: Florence

Florence is a beautiful city, after visiting it you will overdose on culture. People are accommodating, food is sublime and the wine is at its best.

Beautiful Opatija Croatia

With its exquisite cultural monuments, ideal Mediterranean climate, and a magnificent seaside view, it is hard not to be enthralled by Opatija. This seaside town, fondly called Opatija Riviera by repeat visitors, locals and guide books, has been a prominent travel destination in Croatia for more than 150 years, although there is still a great number of people, (especially in Northern America and Asia), who have not heard of this tourism gem.

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