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Head on a Spiritual Sojourn to the Vaishno Devi Shrine

Jammu is the winter capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and is situated on the banks of Tawi river. It is no surprise that tourism is the biggest industry for the city, as it is for the rest of the state.

Hanoi Life: Elbow Power, Male and Female

It used to be said, hopefully in jest, that only the British were habitually adapted to queueing. It might have been true once, but it would seem that in the world today most people in most countries have acquired this socially acceptable discipline. There are, of course, some countries that are still on the steep gradient of the learning curve and Vietnam is one of these. After five years in this paradoxical country, one has got used to being queue-jumped and elbowed aside by men but it is still perplexing to receive the same treatment from women and girls.

Jupiter: A Piece of Heaven in Florida

Last year, I had the pleasure of exploring Jupiter, Florida with a friend that’s very near and dear to my heart. To say she was the best tour guide a person could ask for is an understatement. Although I am a Florida girl born and raised, this was a spot I had never experienced until now.

The Royal Chapel of Granada Spain

When some of the greatest monarchs of the world die, they tend to pass with grandiose style. This is what the Royal Chapel of Granada certainly exudes – style, class and abundance.

Must-See Parks When You Visit Manchester

Ever wondered which park to go to when you visit Manchester? No need for that any more. Read on what the top five parks, from all 34, in the area have to offer.

The Picturesque City of Shillong

Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and pleasant weather.

The 5 Best Spots To Eat At In Oslo

Trying out local and international cuisines is always fun to do when visiting a good destination like Oslo. The city has some of the best Norwegian delicacies for your enjoyment including lutefisk, brown gravy and meat cakes. There are numerous modern gourmet restaurants in the city where you can grab a bite and create memories from your experience. The city has very good spots from where you can enjoy delicious treats and meals during your holiday stay or visit.

Oslo’s Top Attractions To Complete Your Holiday Experience

There is nothing better than a relaxing and thrilling holiday. The choice of destination can determine the kind of holiday experience you get. The secret to having the best is selecting a destination that has attractions and activities you love and are bound to enjoy. Oslo is packed with holiday activities and attractions to make any visit most rewarding. Here are some of the top attractions you cannot miss out on when visiting the city.

6 Fun Sporting Activities To Enjoy In Oslo

Visiting a favorite destination for holidays or a much deserved vacation can be one of the most fulfilling things. Oslo happens to be one good city you can choose to spend your holidays in Norway. It is a city with plenty to offer to visitors and tourists from across the world. Apart from the long list of attractions you have at your exposal to enjoy, the city also has some great activities you can enjoy while visiting.

Paris Airport to City Transfers: What’s Best?

Paris is a big city and it can be a tiresome experience if you are not well organized. This article will suggest the best option for you to get to and from the city from main airports and Disneyland.

The Historic City of Kanpur at a Glance

Kanpur is a city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a highly popular city and offers a lot of options for travelers of varying interests, including architecture and shopping.

Holidays and Festivals of Mari El

“Uyarnya”, «Maslenitsa» (The Pancake Week) – The Mari holiday Maslenitsa (The Pancake Week) is called Uyarnya. Mari ancestors celebrated the holiday in late winter to say good bye to a cold winter and meet a spring with its lifeblood and solar heat. The holiday combines the elements of winter and spring rituals that have become a special feature of the holiday. At the basis of the holiday’s rituals there was an agrarian cult. People wanted to awaken and revitalize the nature, to revive the fertile land forces, to ensure the economic welfare to the family, and to protect themselves and their farms from the dark forces. Unfortunately, the original idea of Uyarnya was forgotten. Nowadays during the holiday people build a snow fort, ride on poles, fight on fists, and play winter youth mobile games. The fair is also held with pancakes, hot tea, with a sale of arts and crafts products. During celebrations everyone rides horses.

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