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Summer Music Events Taking Place in Bath During July: A Brief Guide

Summer is finally here, and for many people and their families it will be time to take a well deserved break or holiday. The beautiful city of Bath is one of the most popular holiday destinations for city breaks or a holiday, as it features a wide and varied range of local attractions and historic landmarks whilst offering visitors plenty of activities and pastimes.

Footnote in History – War Production Transformed Oregon City

There was much about the future that Portland’s shipyard workers could not foresee in the halcyon days of World War II. For one, the influx of newcomers never imagined their descendants transforming Portland into one of the most environmentally friendly, or “green”, cities in the world. Due to its transportation networks and efficient land use, Portland, Oregon is a world model for urban environmental effect. In 2011, Portland, Oregon was awarded one of the top five “Impressive City” awards for communities where citizens are making a difference in their environment. Portland’s wartime shipbuilding boom maybe a footnote in Oregon history, as is Vanport, but Portland remains an inviting, exciting, scenic and yes historical city to come and visit.

History of Gatlinburg, Tennessee – 200 Years in the Making

200 years ago, the small town of White Oak Flats, Tennessee was the home of many self-sufficient families and farmers living the simple life in their Smoky Mountain community. Today, that same town thrives on the tens of thousands of tourist who flock here each week throughout the year. It was a time when folks hitched up their horses and buggies, and made the trek to the one and only general store for food, farming and gardening supplies.

High Adventure: Extreme Sports in the Three Valleys

La Tania and its sister towns of Meribel and Courchevel in the Three Valleys offer many amenities and attractions in both summer and winter. Although mention of this ski resort evokes images of peaceful Alpine scenery, that includes a serene pine forest, a charming town centre and a cosy ski chalet, La Tania and its surrounding areas actually offer, quite literally, the height of adventure.

What’s The Weather Like In Cabo San Lucas

Before you visit any type of resort, you want to know if the weather will be good or if the risk of rain will ruin your plans, and if it will be warm enough to enjoy lounging on the beach. Some beachside resorts are sunny enough but get too cool during the winter months, or are far too humid during the summer months to enjoy your time outside. In Cabo San Lucas, the weather is nearly perfect year-round.

Picture Perfect In Geneva

Flying your photography gear can be taxing but worth the additional hassle. Contact your Geneva airport transfers operator to see if they have special rates for additional luggage or packages. Another option is to ship your gear to the hotel ahead of time, so that you can travel light.

An Indian Sojourn

India has always been a fascinating country for tourists. This peninsula offers a multitude of delightful sightseeing and tourist spots for travelers, adventurers, amateur archeologists, historians, pilgrims and those with a spiritual and mystical bent of mind.

Have Some Summer Fun in La Tania

Whilst some may not consider La Tania as a summer destination, it is actually a great sunny holiday spot that offers many activities and attractions. The resort is part of Courchevel in Les Trois Vallees. Among the Les Trois Vallees resorts, it is generally considered to be the most laid-back and low-key, which makes it perfect for family holidays.

Brief Information About Cappadocia – Turkey

Cappadocia is a town of Nevsehir city in Turkey. It is located in the middle Anatolia and once you are in Turkey, it is worth seeing it!

Travelling Tips for Dubai

While traveling to this beautiful city Dubai, showcasing marvelous engineering excellence with natural beauty, you need to be aware of some important aspects before landing. Here they are:

Historical Sites in Italy – Bologna

Think of Italy and the images that strike the mind are that of culture, history, music and great food – and if you want the best of it all, you can find it in the historic city of Bologna, the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy. Sightseeing in Bologna will be both a fun and enriching learning experience especially when you consider that it was declared the Capital of Culture in 2000 and in 2006 and UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2006.

Montmartre District in Paris

If you are traveling to Paris and are interested in art, you would definitely find visiting the Montmartre district in Paris and extremely enriching and enlightening experience. It was the hub of all art activity during the 19th and early 20th century and even today you can walk into the footsteps of some of the greatest artists that the world has ever seen.

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