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Top 5 Cool Spots in Anaheim, CA

Downtown Anaheim has a cool new vibe. Thanks to the city’s revitalization project, visitors now have an almost endless list of things to do, see and enjoy. Here are the top five cool spots you won’t want to miss.

The Beautiful Nainital: A Quick Look

Nainital is a beautiful hill-station situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its mesmerising views and natural scenery, that makes it one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in India.

Visiting the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

When visiting Florence it is a unique opportunity to admire the monuments and masterpieces of great priceless beauty. One of the most significant of Florence not only for its artistic value, but also for the historical and political role it played, is the Palazzo Vecchio. Still the political center where you decide the fate of the city.

Mahabaleshwar: The Holy City

Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill-station situated in the Western Ghats, in the state of Maharashtra. It is famous for its rich history and beautiful vantage points and places to visit. Its diverse range of attractions makes it an ideal venue for all kinds of travellers.

5 Of the Best Attractions in Perth

Australia has always been one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. Every year millions of travelers come here to enjoy the stunning and picturesque beauty that this place has to offer. Contrary to what most of you think, white pristine beaches are not the only thing that Australia is famous for.

Ipanema Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Ipanema may easily be the most popular neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Home to a legendary beach, for years, the name has been synonymous to tourist hub, electrifying nightlife, dining out and street shopping.

Trees of Hanoi

One of the glories of Hanoi is its tree-lined roads and streets. Not only in the famous old quarter and the diplomatic district with its elegant French colonial buildings, but also in the newly developed areas that in recent decades have greatly increased the size of the city, the trees have been preserved with loving care and artistic attention. So it was with great dismay that the citizens discovered in March this year that 6700 of their cherished trees were to be cut down.

The Best Dim Sum Destinations in South Florida

South Florida offers so much diversity in terms of gastronomic choices that abound its perimeters. Foodies have so much reason to love this region. And if you are one that loves dim sum – here are the best destinations to satisfy your Oriental food inclination.

Omkareshwara Temple: An Inseparable Part of Coorg Tourism

Coorg is one of the most nature-replete places in India. Located in the southwestern regions of Karnataka state, the Coorg district is also a popular tourist destination. Places like Nagarahole National Park and Omkareshwara Temple are the hard-to-resist attractions of the place that beckon one to visit the place. Pick your choice from hotels in Coorg, book the flights and head to the city to explore all its attractions.

Kodaikanal: A Chance to Spend Memorable Holiday in Nature’s Lap

Kodaikanal is a picturesque city, set in the beautiful hills in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is brimming with nature’s attractions and charms. Besides, it is also a leading source of education and a popular tourist destination. Head to the city to explore-experience it. For accommodations, choose from the best Kodaikanal hotels; there are plenty available.

Pizza Addict: Here Are Top 5 Pizza Destinations in South Florida

If you have a taste bud for Italian flavor, bet that pizza is one of the foods that you’ll connect with. But through time, this fancied and topped-up piece of bread has evolved a lot and adopted to suit different tastes. Thus, if you’re in South Florida, the chances of seeing pizza parlors are high and here are our top five (in no particular order) for you to try and indulge with.

10 Top Attractions in London

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson. This quote truly speaks about the diversity and richness of the city of London, which may be regarded as a city of dreams with so many things to do and see, that one trip is just not enough and you need to return London to explore the rest.

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