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Stay In The Barossa Valley During Your Trip Through South Australia

The continent of Australia offers visitors almost a limitless array of things to do and see from unique wildlife to incredible scenery. The vast country is often overwhelming when trying to choose where to go and what to do and the decision is often made on the key interest of the visitor. If your key interest is relaxing in the sun enjoying a glass of award winning wine then a visit to the South Australian region of the Barossa Valley should be your first port of call.

Cemetery at the Middle of the Street

Along the intersection of Burgos Street and Luzuriaga street in Bacolod City, you will be amazed to find that an actual cemetery is right in the middle of the street. The cemetery is lined by rows of small pagoda trees that produce white flowers with a distinctive aroma. Legend has it that these trees guard the spirit and protect the place.

Cox’bazaar, the Home of Natural Beauty

Cox’s bazaar is one of the most beautiful tourist spots of the world. Nobody should miss the charm of this area.

Touring Newberry, South Carolina’s Historic Sites

A premier Newberry, South Carolina hotel highlights some of the city’s historic sites. Many homes and public buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Alpharetta’s Downtown Shops

An Atlanta perimeter hotel highlights shopping in historic downtown Alpharetta. This city on Atlanta’s north side offers boutiques and antique shopping.

Panaad Sa Negros Festival Is the Mother of All Festivals in Negros

Panaad is the Hiligaynon counterpart of “vow” or “promise” in English. The original idea of having this festival is to celebrate and thank the good Lord for the providence and sustenance that He has bestowed upon the people of Negros. As a thanksgiving, the people promises to commemorate and remember every year the Lord’s blessings to the land.

History of Masskara Festival

The Masskara festival is a celebration held annually in the month of October in the City of Bacolod. But have you ever thought where did this month long festivity and street dancing originate? The term “Masskara” is actually a combination of 2 Spanish words “mass” which means “crowd of people” and “kara” which means face.

Retiring In Ecuador: Living In The Land Of Contrasts

Ecuador is such an interesting place to live in. There are many contrasting qualities about it that a broad range of interests can be accommodated here. You can find both cold and hot climates and almost all possible terrain. It is an ideal place for retiring individuals to choose to live their twilight years.

The Best Grilled Chicken in the Philippines

The traditional grilled chicken of Bacolod City most commonly known as “chicken inasal” has left a legacy of being one of the best delicacies that the country can offer. Multitudes of people from here and abroad have attested to the unique taste of this authentic Ilonggo dish. But exactly what makes it the best grilled chicken in town?

Retiring In Mexico: Discovering Life Across The Border

Mexico is a great country to retire in. It is right beside the United States with a hot climate, rich culture and friendly folks. If you wonder why people still come over despite the “drug battles” within the country, you might be surprised at what you discover just beyond the borders.

The Top Ten Things to See and Do in Hong Kong

Known as Asia’s world city, Hong Kong offers visitors the opportunity to experience a vibrant cultural experience in a unique “fusion-environment” where “east-meets-west”. Boasting the vitality of a modern city and the history of traditional society, Hong Kong is among one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today.

Exploring Beyond Manhattan – Why the Outer Boroughs Could Be the Real New York

The crowd of tourists content to snap photographs within the queue for the Empire State Building lift, go on a boat to the Statue of Liberty, or sit through a Sex And The City Location tour will almost always be there in abundance, propping up many an overpriced venture. The TGI Friday’s in Times Square will almost always be full, offering $30 soups to willing consumers, and many a tourist will probably be left to wonder “how does anyone exist here as expensive/crowded/inconvenient as it can be?”

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