Irelands Wild Atlantic Way: Strandhill’s Mammy Johnston’s – worlds best gelato in Ireland?

Golf on Oahu

In addition to internationally acclaimed surfing, scuba diving, and sailing, Oahu is home to several spectacular golf courses that have received international recognition. During your vacation, you might want to spend a few hours on land, enjoying the scenery of Oahu and the peaceful rhythm of golf. Not only will it give you the chance to enjoy the lush natural environment of Oahu, but you will also be able to relax as you play through the eighteen holes.

Dinner Cruising in Oahu

During your visit to Oahu, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful coastline. In addition to enjoying a sunrise walk on the beach or an afternoon swim, you may want to experience a golden sunset. Often visitors choose to watch the sunset from one of the many beachside restaurants or cafes, but dinner cruises are also a popular option.

Bird Watching in Oahu

During your trip to Oahu, make the most of the abundant wildlife by getting back to nature and observing the colorful insects, exotic animals, and cheerful birds that inhabit Hawaii’s islands. Bird watching is a popular pastime for many nature enthusiasts, and Oahu is home to some of the most scenic and engaging bird watching in the United States.

The Travelling Psychologist Series 2 – Down in Kampala

Your first site of Uganda is usually Entebbe airport in the far south of the country lying close to Lake Victoria. I had prepared so many documents at the visa office in Beijing (where I travelled from) yellow fever certification, bank statements, photocopies of various forms. After getting in the line for immigration and visa extension I faced a rather large lady behind the bullet proof glass. She said, “passport” Stamp, one month extension, “thank you sir have a good stay” I pushed all the papers at her, she looked at me, no need, bye! I was so disappointed if she had known the sweat and tears getting all that together in China before I came, surely she would just look to make me feel better?

Entertainment Hotspots in Hollywood, Florida

If you are contemplating of what can keep you entertained in Florida, then Hollywood is a great one-stop spot for you. Whether you are alone, with your partner, or with your family or circle of friends – this place has an offering for you.

Shopping in the Flea Market of Athens in Greece

Monastiraki gets its name from the monastery that used to stand on this square in central Athens. Anything less monastic these days it would be hard to imagine, especially on a Sunday morning when crowds flock to the weekly flea market that starts here and flows through the streets around. Monks would perhaps avert their gaze from the stalls selling second-hand copies of Playboy and Penthouse and browse instead at the one right next door which has beads, Bibles and candles.

San Juancito, Honduras – A Gem and a Tragedy

Straddling a pristine gushing little mountain stream, the semi-abandoned former mining hamlet of San Juancito is a picturesque jewel gleaming from the mountainside while peeking through the clinging jungle foliage. Unfortuantely it is also a lingering tragic scar on the psyches of many of the remaining inhabitants.

Las Vegas Shows – A Guide To Finding The Most Famous Shows In Las Vegas

There are so many shows in Las Vegas that it would be very hard to cover all of them in one article. But we can let you know about the most famous and widely recommended spectacles that this amazing city has to offer. Some of them have been favorites for many years and others are newer additions, but they all have excellence of entertainment in common.

What To Do in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It’s the most densely populated borough at over 1.6 million residents packed into 23 square miles. Manhattan is also a wonderful tourist destination, offering hundreds of historic sites. If it’s your first time visiting Manhattan, here are a few recommendations you can squeeze into a day.

Tourism Committees and Why Your Town Needs One

We all know that the trade deficit of the United States is not good. When we trade with other countries, we need to make sure that they are buying something from us as well, or that we are doing triangular trade where we buy something from one country, they buy something from somewhere else, and those people in that third location turn around and buy stuff from us. That keeps the money flowing in the global economy, and it’s good for jobs, good for industry, it is good for inefficiency and free-markets. It prevents scarcity, helps to feed the world, and does wonders for international relations.

Top 5 Things To Do In Derry In Northern Ireland

Derry City is in Northern Ireland. It is a great place to visit and to help you get more from your trip, here are the Top 5 Things to See and Do in Derry.

Derry City Guide

Derry is an Irish city with a checkered past. It is located in Northern Ireland and suffered considerably as a result of the 30 years of conflict. Today, however, it is a city that is changing, with a burgeoning cultural scene and vibrant city center. This is a guide to the city.

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