Travel Writing Lesson: The Art of Talking to Strangers

Charlotte Locations for Which You Want to Dress Up

The city of Charlotte is the largest one in North Carolina, so given its status, it is bound to stand out through several points of interest. If you want to go out and do something different for a change, you can rest assured that there are many interesting options to choose from, especially in terms of fine dining. In other words, if you want to replace cozy pubs and shopping centers with something more formal, possibilities are endless. Be warned though: the following places on the list don’t go hand in hand with a comfy outfit.

The KLCC Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In Malaysia, KLCC is the best place to visit. The most popular thing to see is Twin Towers – the tallest building in Malaysia.

Dream Of BBCC – Bukit Bintang City Centre

In any abbreviation of a name, besides having a catchy pronunciation, it has to be representative of its value and branding. If the abbreviation becomes renowned worldwide, it will gain a lot of fame and recognition. Just to name a few examples like LA, JFK, LV, CK, HP, IBM, KFC; some airlines SQ, EK; as well as TV, PC, KTV; and so on.

Nightlife in Ottawa – What to Expect

Many people make the mistake of planning their trips without taking into consideration the entertainment part. No matter how busy you are touring the city during the day, you should still save some energy and check out the clubs and bars. If you plan to visit Ottawa, researching the nightlife in the Canadian capital before going on a trip there is a must. Ottawa has plenty of bars and clubs that will match any taste and age, so you can easily find something that matches your style. This city is bustling with life even during the night and you can see people touring the clubs in limousines every night.

Brno, Czech Republic – General Information

Great Moravia was the scene of cultural rivalry between the Slavic and the Catholic world and epic battles during the 19th century (the so called “Battle of the Three Emperors”). Now Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, offers a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and is competing with the rest of the world for the best beer prize. Strolling aimlessly down town will recharge your batteries and the same is valid for putting your feet in the fountains on a hot day.

Jain Temples and Tourist Places in Karnataka

Karnataka’s vibrant tourist circuit is peppered with an abundance of Jam temples, monuments and pilgrim spots. The Jam philosophy of non-violence and peace found royal patronage in the state and these temples and monuments are a testimony to the days when Jainism held sway in Karnataka. Jan architecture can be classified into basadis and bettas.

The Best Shows in Vegas for 2014

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is a center for entertainment, but the sheer number of great shows can overwhelm even the most determined tourist. While Las Vegas is home to the big headliners, it also features many lesser known, but no less entertaining stage shows that will provide plenty of thrills and entertainment. What follows are the best shows in Vegas for the 2014 season. It is advisable that you call and get your tickets in advance before leaving for Las Vegas so you can rest assured that you have a seat at the show. It is always best to call the hotel where the show is appearing and then find the place that offers the best price in tickets. A little bit of research and work can save you money.

A Guide to Nightlife in Orlando

In Orlando, when the sun goes down it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Whether you’re a family with a gaggle of children after a fun and lively show or a group of adults looking for the hottest nightlife, Orlando doesn’t sleep and there’s the perfect night out waiting for you there.

It All Started With A Quiche in Barcelona

Can you fall in love with a city over a leek quiche? One of my favorite cities in the world is Barcelona. When my soon-to-be-husband, Savas, and I speak about our future plans to live and travel in Europe, I am always tossing Barcelona out as a possibility for our home base.

Five Popular European City Breaks

If you’re thinking of taking a short break this spring there’s plenty of exciting cities to explore in Europe. Whether you’re an art buff, a connoisseur of fine wines and foods or just love to explore narrow cobbled streets, here’s five of the most popular destinations for your perfect long weekend.

Visiting Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal as well as the largest city with over 547,000 people living in its limits. It is the westernmost capital city of Europe and the only one on the Atlantic Coast.

5 Best Things To Do In – Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria, the largest country in Africa. The metropolitan area, an estimated 300 square kilometers, is a group of islands endowed with creeks and a lagoons.

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