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The Glories of Udaipur

The article gives you an insight about the glorious attractions of Udaipur which is located in Rajasthan. The place is eminent for incredible architectural marvels and cultural beauty.

Afflecks of the Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter of Manchester, United Kingdom is a very artsy and hip part of the city. It is considered the creative quarter of Manchester. Riddled with shops, cafes, and pubs that reflect the creativity of the area, the Northern Quarter is a must-visit when heading to Manchester.

Johannesburg Food Market Places

Johannesburg is a buzzing city with a lot to offer, here I’ll be giving you a snippet of some places to check out with some descriptions of what you can expect. If you’re curious to see what good market places there are to eat at, while enjoying the different atmospheres they’ve got going, then this write-up will be a good taste of what the city has in store for you.

Atlantic City – Why?

Need a vacation because you just need one! This can happen to anyone. Go to Atlantic City in New Jersey for a resort style holiday. Experience a variety of casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, the boardwalk, beach and much more.

See Atlanta

Atlanta is a must-see destination for history buffs who are interested in America’s struggle for independence. The civil war raged on many fronts, but at one stage the entire city of Atlanta was a battleground. Movies, like “Gone with the Wind” tell a story from that area.

Pasadena – The City of Gold

Pasadena’s serene nature, imaginative homes, stunning business district, and colorful nightlife earn it the reputation of being one of the most popular cities for tourists and Angelinos. Pasadena resides just outside of Los Angeles to the northeast. This mini metropolis has its own museums and community parades making it safe and educational for families.

Thrissur: The Cultural Capital of Kerala

Thrissur is a quite famous city of Kerala and is famous for its rich cultural heritage and legacy. It a famous destination among pilgrims and devotees as well.

How to Visit Florence

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, land of art and ancient civilizations. Florence is also the city of Dante and many other geniuses who were born on the banks of the Arno, crowned with hills, including that on which it stands, Fiesole. The footprints of his glorious life are found everywhere especially in the downtown area, the Cathedral in polychrome marble with the dome by Brunelleschi, the wonderful Giotto’s bell tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni doors called “Paradise”; scattered in the city, the majestic Palazzo della Signoria, the austere Palazzo Pitti, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella and many other monuments still. But Florentia (its ancient name) is not only a jewel of art, but also an active city of businesses, industries and tourism. But now let’s see howyou can organize a nice trip to Florence.

Hanoi Life: Tragedy on the Road

A few days ago a friend reported that a woman motorcyclist and her two children had all been killed in a nearby road accident. Only its proximity distinguished this accident, as road deaths in Hanoi are a daily occurrence and according to statistics reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2007, 85 percent of traffic accidents in Vietnam involve motorcyclists. Nevertheless, the proximity brought home the human tragedy that results from lack of regulation and the licence taken by motorcyclists to drive anywhere with any quantity of goods and any number of passengers, with or without helmets.

Salta: Argentinian Destinations

Close your eyes and think about Argentina and surely the first two things that pop up are Buenos Aires and tango. While Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to visit, the country has a variety of destinations that are beautiful and awe-inspiring in many ways. One of these great places is Salta.

Calicut: The City of Spices

Calicut is a city situated in the Indian state of Kerala, and is also popular by the name Kozhikode. It is known for its beauty and historic significance.

Hanoi Life: Flyovers of Sound and Light

The traffic chaos in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is well known to locals and visitors. Already a growing problem in the 1990s, the twenty-first century brought a situation that exasperates even the most patient moped rider. Brave attempts have been made to alleviate the congestion at major road junctions, and one of the most characteristic is the sound and light flyover.

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