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Places You Should Visit While in Las Vegas

In the Nevada desert you will find Las Vegas, a sparkling gem that glows at night with neon lights. This top tourist attraction offers memories that can last a lifetime. Long ago, there was a sandy, desert town in Nevada called Las Vegas.

What Are the Best Las Vegas Clubs to Visit During the Week

If you are confused on what nightclubs to visit in Las Vegas, you are not alone. Las Vegas is undoubtedly the world’s nightlife capital, and there are too many excellent, as well as a few terrible, night clubs to choose from, leaving the most confident among party goers overwhelmed. Luckily, I have broken the list of night clubs that people can visit based on location and all the major questions that people often ask.

Fun Things to Do in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, look no further! It should come as no surprise that there are tons of exciting places to explore in the “City of Brotherly Love”, especially since it was once the capital of the United States.Philadelphia is also home to great family attractions like the Philadelphia Zoo, which was the very first zoo to open in the United States.

Things to See in the Vertical City

Governed under the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, Hong Kong is China’s first ‘special administrative region’ having a high degree of autonomy. In its short history as a mostly independent state, it has developed into a major financial center of the world – 3rd after New York City and London and is a globally recognized trade hub. It is also a ‘World City’ as well as one of the 8 Alpha Cities – occupying the number 5 spot on the latter list of cities. It is known for its impressive skyline and deep natural harbor and has developed into a popular tourist destination. If you do visit this thriving city, you should not miss checking out the following things.

Top Tips When Travelling to Sri Lanka

Before travelling to Sri Lanka get to know about Sri Lanka’s Currency, Time Difference, Language, What to Wear, Safety, Health Precautions. It’s very important to know the travelling information before travel to a new place.

Discover The Best Of Goa – Beaches, Wildlife, History And Nature Walks

Goa is one of the most happening destinations for tourists. It offers a laid-back and enjoyable experience that is full of fun. You can relax at the beaches, go for some cool water sports, binge on exotic cuisines, shop around, explore the wildlife, or just walk around. Read on.

Mumbai – A Place in India to Best Explore the Richness of Indian Culture

Mumbai is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Home to varied and interesting attractions, your tour of Mumbai will be an experience that you’ll cherish for long. Visit the bustling city during the vacation and pick from the best hotels in Mumbai.

The Museum of Opera Del Duomo in Florence

The Museum of Opera del Duomo is major new museum that can be visited by the many tourists coming to Florence, who are eager to admire the artistic masterpieces because of which the Tuscan capital is worldwide famous. In addition to the Uffizi gallery, the Bargello and many other, the new Museum of Opera del Duomo will be another important Florence attraction that can be chosen from the big artistic offer of itineraries in Florence. The location of this museum is already perceived as one of the most prestigious in the city, as it contains all the…

Dubai – The City As You Have Never Seen Before

Dubai is considered as one of the most exciting cities in the entire Middle East Asia. It was just less than 50 years ago when Dubai was still a small fishing village city on the edge of the desert. Today Dubai has become an ultra modern city with over two million inhabitants.

Do You Know Where the Term Banana Republic Comes From?

Honduras is the original Banana Republic. The Government of Honduras issued huge land concessions to North American Fruit Companies along the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. The Vacaro Brothers Company established itself in the city of La Ceiba, this company was later named Standard Fruit Company and owns the Dole trademark. The Tela Railroad Company established itself in Tela, and later became the United Fruit Brands, owner of Chiquita Bananas. Both Companies still operate in Honduras and export bananas and other tropical fruits.

Guwahati – The Home to 200 Ancient Tribes of Northeast India

Guwahati is the major entry point to northeast India. It is the largest city in the entire region and home to large number of educational institutions, government headquarter, businesses, hospitals, banks, restaurants, multiplexes, Guwahati hotels, shopping centres, etc. It is also a popular tourist destination majorly noted for its close proximity to Kaziranga National Park.

Exploring The World Famous Basilica Of Our Lady Of Good Health At Velankanni

Velankanni sees a lot of tourists round the year as millions of catholic pilgrims arrive in the town to pay their visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health. A eleven days festival is also celebrated from the last of August month. It is worth a cultural and religious experience.

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