Washington DC after Dark – the best nightlife, bars and restaurants all on one street?

Important Cities of London

London has a lot of urban cities such as Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury and Carlisle. If you’re looking to know more about these cities, this article would be helpful to you.

The Incredible Inclines – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Once upon a time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, strange tram like cars moved up and down the slopes of Mount Washington above the Monongahela River. These trams carried thousands of people to and from work. Of the over a dozen that once existed, only two are left. This is their story.

Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge – Omaha, Nebraska

There is a new and interesting bridge that spans the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska to Council Bluffs, Iowa. This is the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. If you are visiting Omaha or just passing through on Interstate 80, get out and stretch your legs on this amazing little walk across the mighty Missouri River.

The Eden Valley

I am lucky enough to live in Keswick, right in the heart of some spectacular scenery and close to some great pubs and shops. However the more I have written about the Eden Valley and the more I’ve visited the area, the more I have realised what a fantastic hidden gem this area is, and I implore you to spend some time exploring it if you get the chance next time you visit the Lake District. Here is my pick of the best, perhaps you can add something to your itinerary on your next trip to one of the…

Astoria, Oregon – Gateway To The Mighty Columbia River And The Pacific Ocean

Astoria, Oregon is an incredible place! This article talks about this unique settlement at the Western edge of the North American Continent at the outlet of the mighty Columbia River.

Bat City USA – Austin, Texas

The Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas is home to over a million bats. This article talks about the bats and the experience of being there when they all “wake up” and fly out from under the bridge by the hundreds of thousands for their nightly insect hunt.

Something’s Up With Edgefield – Edgefield, South Carolina

Way off the Interstate in rural South Carolina is a strange little town that produced 10 Governors. There is also a dark and sinister side to this little town as well as numerous murders took place in the tiny town square over the years. Yep, there is something up with Edgefield. In all my travels I have not come across the like of it.

Getting to Know Vietnam: History and Tourism of Modern Hanoi

Hanoi’s history is rich and colorful; it has experienced power changes and wars over the years, and today, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Read about the history of Hanoi and its many tourist spots.

Interesting Facts About London Postcodes

London SE1 Situated on the banks of The River Thames, SE1 extends between Vauxhall Bridge and St. Saviour’s Dock with around 45,000 population. Areas that come under SE1 are localities of Bankside, the Borough, South Bank, Waterloo, Bermondsey and Lambeth.

New York The Wonder City

New York is a culmination of 62 cities. The biggest of all these cities is the New York City which consists if five counties, namely the Bronx, New York (Manhattan), Kings (Brooklyn), Richmond (Staten Island) and Queens. New York City is the densely populated and is the home of nearly two-fifth of the state’s population.

Colombo – A Vibrant City With Many Colors

The largest commercial, Industrial and cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a busy and vibrant city with a mix of modern living, local cultures and colonial architecture that allure visitors from far off places to enjoy its beauty and serenity. Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis which offers a perfect blend of East and West. With myriad of attractions it is an ideal place to enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

Guimaras: 7 Facts About This Philippine Province

Get to know Guimaras, an island province in the Philippines’ Western Visayas region. Read about it in this article.

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