Talking Landscape Photography #61 – The Journey to Personal Style with Tony Hewitt

This week we have are lucky enough to have an icon in the Australian photographic community join us on the show, none other than Mr Tony Hewitt. A Grand Master of Photography in multiple organisations, Tony is one of the most well rounded and experienced image makers in the industry today. Winner of countless photographic awards throughout his venerated career, Tony is celebrated internationally for his abilities and accomplishments as a judge, author, exhibited artist, coach and mentor, workshop leader, speaker and presenter. He is also a founding member of the ND5 Collaborative and co-creator of the exceptional Girt By Sea Project – an extraordinary photographic interpretation of the full length of Australia’s immense coastline.

While most renowned in recent years for his exquisite fine art landscape work, particularly from an aerial perspective, Tony has led a path through a wide range of genres in the industry that have shaped his approach to image making and influenced the distinctive style you see woven through his work.

He will be taking us through a selection of images that reflect upon various experiences and key learnings throughout the breadth of his career that have moulded and personalised the character of his imagery and the photographer he is today. The intention tonight is to use this as a platform to help the listener reflect on their photographic journey and take a more conscious approach to the development of their own personal style.

So come and join us for a privileged insight into the personal journey and style of one of Australia’s greats this Wednesday night, 15th of September at 730pm AEST. We’re super looking forward to this one!

Feel free to share and invite anyone you feel would be interested, as its going to be a special one 

Paul, Luke and Nick.

Exotic Ella for Hiking in Sri Lanka

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Reopening of the path of the prince, the historic passage between Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi gallery. This passage between Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi gallery is only a part of the alleged path of the prince; starting from Uffizi gallery, this external passage (known as Vasari corridor as well) continues up to Palazzo Pitti that, during that ages, was designate as the residence of the Medici family.

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