Watsons Bay Sydney Day Trip By Ferry | Sydney Harbour Bridge Views

Unknown Treasures in Rio De Janeiro

Two viewpoints not well known but worth a visit in Rio de Janeiro are Parque da Catacumba and Forte Duque de Caxias. Both easily available for visitors staying in the southern zone.

The Rich History of Monforte Del Cid

One of the interesting things about visiting another place is learning about its culture and history while enjoying the surrounding scenery and modern tourist spots. Spain is no exception to this because each town and village in Spain has its own deeply embedded history that makes it stand apart from other countries. One of the villages in Spain that has a deep history to tell is Monforte del Cid.

Enjoying Denver Safely: Tips to Avoid High Altitude Sickness

Do you want to visit Denver, Colorado? You must be a bit of a glutton for punishment. This city is exactly 1 mile high. It is 5280 feet from the sea level. This is a fantastic city to visit in Colorado but it is a pain to travel here if you are not aware of the precautions.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art

If you are the kind of person that prefers to be intrigued and intellectually challenged by art, you cannot afford to miss out on The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin, Ireland. While not everybody can claim to have a fancy for contemporary art, those that do will find this trip worth their while.

Show and Tell Gallery

Located in a brick and mortar space at Dundas Street West and Ossington Avenue is Toronto’s very own haven of contemporary art. This art gallery is tastefully named the Show and Tell Gallery.

5 Romantic Spots in Paris

Paris is almost certainly on top of the list of most romantic cities in the world. Of course, many honeymooners and couples visit this city, filled up with its stylish charm and exceptionally inviting atmosphere that fills the Parisian air with many romance. It also happens to be the top getaway for people who are out there to find out what love is. If you desire to indulge your romantic side, then below are 5 romantic spots that you need to check out.

New Year Celebrations in Bath: A Brief Guide

Bath is a wonderful city to visit anytime of the year, what could be better than bringing in the New Year while admiring this beautiful historic city. You can either take a short weekend break or extend you holiday to make it a week long affair, whatever you choose there will be much to see and do during this winter period. So sit back and relax, why not indulge yourself with a glass or two of champagne in this opulent city and bask in the classic Georgian architecture.

A Perfect Weekend in NYC

Fresh off the plane from a family weekend stomping around the streets of NYC and I’m ready to go back again! In fact, I just booked my next trip to the city that never sleeps. NYC hits so many buttons for me. It’s so easy to get around in NYC.

Forever Young: Lessons From a Surfer Dude

I believe it was Rod Stewart who made the term “Forever Young” famous. Even if it is not practically true, it certainly applied to him. The dude looks incredible for his age. No?

Discover a Different Culture in Punta Cana

How would you like to discover a different culture in Punta Cana? Punta Cana located in the easternost tip of the Dominican Republic has been considered as one the top 100 places to visit before you die due mainly to its beautiful beaches and excellent all inclusive resorts which guarantee a great vacation experience.

Adventurous Activities In And Around Brighton

There are lots of activities available in and around Brighton for those who like a bit of adventure. You can learn to kitesurf or wind surf, dive under the sea for to some interesting sites, or try mountain biking through the South Downs countryside.

Neighborhood Showcase: Lowell, Massachusetts

Once touted as the home of the industrial revolution, Lowell, Massachusetts is experiencing a revival as a center for commerce, education, and the arts. Boasting a diverse community of over 100,000 residents, Lowell provides a valuable alternative to those looking for urban life, without the high housing costs of the greater Boston Area. Nestled in the heart of the Merrimack Valley, with easy access to three major highways, two colleges, and a bustling commercial scene, Lowell can provide city life without the city price tag.

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