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Hotel Aria, Las Vegas

A visit to the hotel Aria can leave you spellbound. Explore the hotel in Las Vegas.

10 Best NEW Hotels in the World

A closer look at some of the most amazing and new hotels in the world. A stay in any of these can be more than a fulfilling experience for the traveler.

Kennesaw’s Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

The historic city of Kennesaw, Georgia, located twenty miles northwest of Atlanta, is home to the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History. Kennesaw was known as Big Shanty in the 1800s, and it grew as a stop along the Western & Atlantic Railroad. As Union forces marched toward Atlanta during the Civil War, several battles and skirmishes were fought in the area. Many attempts were made to disrupt the movement of supplies by railroad. Big Shanty is best remembered as the location where “The Great Locomotive Chase” originated. Yankee spies stole a locomotive called “The General” on April 12, 1862 while it was stopped at the Big Shanty station. The locomotive was driven north toward Chattanooga, Tennessee. A pursuit followed and the locomotive was recaptured in Ringgold, Georgia, just south of the Tennessee state line.

Downtown Spartanburg for Visitors

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel highlights points of interest, shopping, and dining in downtown Spartanburg. This city in the Upstate region is a fun place to explore.

A Day Trip Out of Spartanburg on Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway

The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway (SC Hwy 11) is one of the most spectacular drives in Upstate South Carolina. The road winds for 115 miles along the southern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the North Carolina-South Carolina border. Its eastern terminus is at the town of Gaffney, and the western end is near the Georgia border near Lake Hartwell. The route is a pleasant alternative to the interstate highway through the Upstate.

Napoleon Bonaparte I and the Tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides in Paris

Napoleon Bonaparte I was a famous French army commander and Emperor of France that unfortunately ended up being captured by the British and died while imprisoned on a remote island and it took many years before his remains would come back to Paris. After an impressive ceremony passing under the Arc de Triomphe that he had commissioned, Napoleon was eventually laid to rest at Les Invalides, which is where you can now discover the Tomb of Napoleon along with museums such as the Army museum. So this is an incredible tourist attraction in Paris that is well worth a visit, and sees millions of visitors each year.

Les Invalides With the Tomb of Napoleon and Its Impressive Museums in Paris

If you are interested in history, especially military history, then you cannot miss going to the tourist attraction in Paris called the Hotel National des Invalides, but normally known as Les Invalides. Here you will be able to discover the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte along with three different museums in Paris, one dedicated to rare old models that were produced called Plans Reliefs, another called the Musee de l’Armee which holds armour, canons, weaponry and much more, but you also have a museum dedicated to the war and Charles de Gaulle. So as you can tell, this monument and its rich collections are well worth a visit while you are on holiday in Paris.

Las Vegas Mob Attractions – Putting the Sin Back in Sin City!

Las Vegas embraces its criminal past like no other city in America. With a wink and a nod it looks back to the underworld element that, in part, brought notoriety and promise to what would have otherwise been a sleepy town in the middle of the desert. Names such as Benjamin Siegel and Meyer Lansky were credited by some as having the vision to bring large-scale casinos to the desert, as well as the gamblers who fueled them.

Chardham Yatra – A Divine Tour

Chardham is believed to be the most visited pilgrimage in India. The article highlights the significance of Chardham pilgrimage, and gives an introduction to the holy shrines that are collectively known as Chardhams.

Alternative Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is full of a diverse array of activities for tourists and visitors to do in the city. Aside from having a very active nightlife, hip new locations to hang-out in due to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, the city of Rio de Janeiro is a new magnet location for investors looking to BRIC Economies to play a significant role in reversing the negative global economic climate. Rio also has a well-known sporting history and a multitude of destinations for shoppers, sightseers, property developers, and others that many seek to assist in extracting some of the many natural resources that are abundant all over the it’s lands. As far as vacationing is concerned, the city offers visitors many things to take part-in for those that may be visiting it during Christmas, New Years, Carnival, or also during an American or European summer get-a-way. The city has the typical beach necessities that are required to attract warm weather lovers, but also have a wealth of rare and special places that will make visitors fully aware of the fact that they are experiencing something that most around the world will not.

Bali Tours: What to See and Do in Bali

There are several guided tours available by coach, car, bike and boat that allow you to experience the best of Bali. You can avail these tours to see Bali’s famous temples, including the famous Besakih Temple on the slopes of holy Mount Agung, its beaches and rice terraces. Helicopter tours are also available for a really special experience. Usually tours include a multi-lingual guide, transport, entrance fees but no meals. However, as a note of caution, these guides can make or break your trip. There are some that offer services at very low prices and then end up taking you to shops and eateries that pay them commission on the purchases you make.

Exploring Malacca At Its Finest

Malacca is one of the smallest but very promising states in the beautiful country of Malaysia. The small place of Malacca holds the most interesting stories of the country’s history, which you can actually see in the finest architectures of the different boutique hotels Malacca has to offer, and the different historical museums that will take your breath away.

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