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Soaking Up the History of Sardinia

As the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, this island off the western coast of Italy boasts many wonderful places to go and things to do – all of which are easily accessible when you stay in a centrally located villa. In Sardinia, you can spend weeks just lounging on the beautiful beaches that are in abundance around the coast, or, if you are more of a history buff, this is a great holiday location for you too. While you are staying on the island, you should take in a bit of culture and visit Oristano, Castelsardo, and Su Nuraxi di Barumini.

Discovering the Best Aquariums in the World

In the past, a lot of attention has been focused on space exploration. However, the earth itself has not yet been thoroughly studied, especially when it comes to our saltwater and freshwater environments. Although one does not have to travel a great distance to reach any of these areas, it is still difficult for all but a few to interact closely with these environments.

Geneva – A Shopper’s Paradise

Despite being named the ‘Peace Capital’, a visit to Geneva can be quite intense – what with being an international for finance, religion, diplomacy, humanitarian works, and international cooperation. The city is a favourite destination of tourists for various reasons, offering attractions of historical and cultural significance, as well as being destination for sports fans due to its proximity to the Swiss Alps and Geneva airport. Taxi service makes travel to and from various locations easy and convenient, ensuring nearly stress-free travel.

Geneva’s Top Sporting Events

In addition to being of financial, political, cultural, religious, and historical significance, Geneva is a favourite destination for skiers and fans of other winter sports due to its proximity to the Swiss Alps. Located only a few kilometres away from Geneva airport, taxi cabs provide safe and convenient transport to the city or to nearby areas. After all, unless one is experienced driving on mountain roads under at-times extreme weather, best to leave the driving to the experts! And there’s no need to worry if you’re planning on bringing your own equipment through Geneva airport, taxi drivers will be more than happy to help you with your luggage.

When in Rome: Souvenir Shopping Just for Fun

Just because you’re booked in to a luxury hotel in Rome doesn’t mean you’re only planning to buy expensive paintings, antiques and designer clothes, right? Part of the fun of shopping is discovering wonderful finds in hidden shops at a fraction of the price they’d be selling for at the upscale department stores and boutiques! Here are a few of the best-kept secrets for shopping in the Italian capital. Whether you only have a few hours or a few days while staying in your luxury hotel in Rome, they’re sure to offer you a delightful diversion!

Things to Do and See in Bath During May: A Brief Guide

Springtime is well and truly upon us now and summer is not so far away. Many people will now be planning some weekend breaks away or their summer holidays, why not take a trip to the spa city of Bath for a well earned break? As Bath has a wealth of historical culture to discover and events taking place in and around the city this year, you might not want to miss out.

Las Vegas Nightlife and Nightclubs

Las Vegas is a city like no other. It’s known for many things: casinos, weddings, divorces, and, last but not least, nightclubs. No matter what time of day you’re looking to get in on some serious clubbing action, there’s sure to be a club in this city that’s ready to serve. And remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Top Myths About Venice

As you’re entering the city on the Venice airport boat, you just might hear the odd “informed” comment about the city. Some of these are rather less well informed than others. Here is a selection – and the appropriate correct facts.

The Story of Vanishing Venice

As you take your Venice airport boat towards this marvellous city, you might wish to ponder a little about just how much longer your spectacular views are going to be around. Back to the sea? The unique piece of global heritage that is Venice has long been recognised as being under threat.

Travelling to Venice FAQs

Here are some sample answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about travelling to Venice, including the Venice airport boat service. How far is it from arrivals to the Venice airport boat service? Not too far – assuming that you’re arriving at the main Marco Polo airport – say around 500 metres.

How to Take Great Photos of Barcelona, Spain and Choose a Barcelona Photography Course

Barcelona is a beautiful European City by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s mix of old and new makes it one of the best locations in the world for photographers. Barcelona photography courses run by professional resident photographers ensure you get the photos most of the thousands of visitors will miss. Learn to take better photos and find out what to see while you’re out and about with a camera in Barcelona.

The Venice Airport Boat Service: Start Your Holiday Right

If you’ve just arrived at Venice airport, there may be no better way to get into the feel of your holiday than by getting to your hotel by using the Venice airport boat service. Here is a sample of what you may see along your way.

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