Ala Ong – One Woman’s story of change in Cambodia

Central Thailand Brings History to Life

Central Thailand is a cocktail of culture, poignancy and temples, shaken and served as a destination brimming with historical importance. Many holidays around Thailand – tours and trips – include a glimpse of the country’s central area, where tragic history, ruins and fast flowing rivers dot the landscape.

A Selection Of The Best London Attractions

Apart from being a top quality attraction in its own right, Hyde Park is also a short walk away from many of London’s other must-see sights. Indeed there is so much to see and do in this city area that you’ll always be able to stay within close distance of a Hyde Park hotel. London residents may even be interested in some of the attractions highlighted in this article.

Top Shops in London

There are plenty of ways in which you could enjoy your day after a delicious breakfast at your chosen all inclusive Hyde Park hotel. London has its fair share of must visit shops as confirmed by the many travellers who splash the cash during their time in the capital. Even if you aren’t feeling flush you can still have fun by joining the crowds for some window shopping. Here are some stores that you really should visit.

Top Activities To Try When Staying In London

It is well known that a break can be good for the mind. So, instead of burying yourself in paperwork when you are staying in one of the many London conference hotels, you should really go out and explore what the big city has to offer. Here is a selection of the activities which are currently proving popular among the business community.

A Summer Holiday in Tauranga

With warm summers, sandy beaches and one of the most beautiful cities in the whole country, Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty is one of the country’s fastest growing holiday destinations. There is plenty to do and a lot to enjoy from kayaking in the surrounding waters and swimming with dolphins to soaking in mineral pools and enjoying lunch at a cafe in the afternoon. There is so much going on; Tauranga is an ideal destination for families, couples or a group of friends spending a week away.

5 Must Do’s in Australia

There are a lot of destinations to choose from if you wish to spend a nice holiday outside of your country for a change. Of course, one of the most popular picks for many tourists these days is Australia. The Land Down Under sees a lot of tourist visits every year, and you would certainly get to experience unique sights and sounds that will truly take up a lot of your time.

5 Unmissable Places to Visit in Sardinia

Sardinia is a very popular tourist destination, and its combination of beautiful surroundings, pleasant weather and numerous cultural attractions make it is easy to see why so many people visit each year. If you are thinking about booking a villa in Sardinia and spending a few weeks on the island, here are five places which you may want to think about visiting.

Top 4 Things to Do on Your Holiday in Puglia

If you are thinking about booking a Puglia villa with pool for your holiday this year then you may be wondering about some of the things that you can do in Puglia to keep you entertained for a few weeks in the summer. Here is a list of four of the main attractions that you may be able to visit when you decide to stay for a few weeks in this beautiful region of Italy.

5 Places to Visit in Amsterdam on Your Visit

Amsterdam has a great deal to give the visitor, and plenty of travel to the city to see the many sites and points of interest available around its streets and canals. As the Dutch capital along with being a significant European cultural centre, Amsterdam houses many renowned famous cultural sites and has drawn many around the world for hundreds of years that have come here to stay in order to search for those of comparable perspective. If you are intending to travel to the city for a holiday or just a short weekend vacation you can also find…

4 Great Places to Visit in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. An island set off to the west of the mainland, it has many beaches, towns and villages that are worth seeing. It also has a wide range of archaeological sites to explore if you are so inclined. As you can see there are lots of reasons to leave your villa in Sardinia in favour of exploring somewhere different every day.

Exploring the Towns and Cities of Puglia

Many people think of Italy as ‘the boot’, since this is how it looks on a world map. Puglia is the heel of this boot, providing you with a long stretch of opportunities for finding holiday accommodation. Puglia also has several towns and cities that are well worth visiting, so check out the suggestions below and add them to your holiday itinerary.

History of Ybor City in Tampa Florida

A brief historical overview of the Ybor City neighborhood in Tampa Florida. Facts about this culture, manufacturing, and aspects that shaped one of Florida’s first industrial cities.

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