Visiting the Arctic aboard Quark’s luxury exploratory Vessel Ultramarine: Part 4 Helicopter Landing

A Quick Guide to Dublin

Dublin is a great city showing some of the best of Irish culture. Of course such a popular city also has a lot to do, so here’s out brief guide to get you started.

Visiting Edinburgh – A Brief Guide

Edinburgh; the capital of Scotland and the second most populated city with a population of 486,120. It attracts roughly 1 million overseas visitors every year meaning it has more than enough to do, here’s our brief guide to a few things below. If you’re visiting in August, you have to visit the various shows performed during ‘the Festival’. With separate elements such as Film, books, jazz, politics and art, each has its own festival.

Visiting Dortmund? Here’s a Quick Guide

Dortmund is a medium sized city in Germany, home to nearly 600,000 people and as such is the 7th largest city in Germany. South to the city is the Ruhr river and another river flows through the municipal area, the river Emscher.

A Quick Guide to Geneva

Geneva is a large city in Switzerland with a population of 191,237. The greater region has a population of 464,677 that makes it the second most populated in Switzerland. It is a financial centre (considered to be the third most important in Europe after London and Zurich).

Cuba Vacations – Spotlight on Santiago de Cuba

Located on the Southeast coast of Cuba and shadowed by the Sierra Maestra mountains you’ll find Cuba’s second largest city Santiago de Cuba and one of the best Cuba Vacations. As a city so steeped in culture and history, it makes for a very appealing destination for both history and culture buffs interested in Travelling to Cuba. Hotels in Santiago de Cuba vary from all budget ranges and amenities from rooms within the city to the All-Inclusive resorts on the beach.

Cape Town Activities for Everyone

Cape Town is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed as a group. Adventure activities offered by tour companies in Cape Town are rated as the best in the world.

A Selection of Paris Attractions for Tourists

A brief overview of some of the most famous attractions in the city of Paris looking at places of interest for tourists. Paris is the capital of France and the home of some of its most elegant and cultural attractions. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre it is said to have everything for the more cultured tourist.

New Las Vegas Clubs Make 2012 Debut

Two clubs made their debut in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. Which one, if either, will stick around for a while?

The London Eye: See London In A Different Way

At the start of the 20th century, London has made quite a bang when it released a technical marvel — The Millennium Wheel. This giant Ferris wheel stands 135 meters above the River Thames. The Millennium Wheel is also popularly known as the London Eye, and it was designed by six different architects. It is known to be one of the city’s most popular attractions.

A Selection of Rome Attractions for Tourists

A brief overview of a selection of the favourite Roman attractions, focusing on the historical and cultural side of the city. Rome is a very historical city, full of monuments and buildings that show the history of the once great empire and the power of the Catholic Church. From the great Colosseum to the museums of the Vatican Rome is one of the most historical cities in Europe and an example of how history shapes a city and its people.

Malaysia: Is It Really Truly Asia?

If you want to visit the best countries in Asia, then you need to try and visit Malaysia. This is a truly mesmerizing country, especially when you consider the beautiful tourist spots that it offers. It is, after all, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Asian continent, and with a little bit of research on the Internet, you’ll find that this country is something that can truly give you a whole lot of reasons to visit.

5 Reasons Why I Just Love Living in London

London is one of the best metropolises in the world to live in, with its fusion of culture, art and fashion. With its spectacular history, tradition and architecture, you have a city that is not only a beacon of modern development, but also a city with a great soul that is full of life. In this article I will give and explain 5 reasons why I really enjoy life in London.

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