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5 Fun Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the undoubted capital of South East Asia and among the busiest cities in this region. Since its discovery back in the early 19th century, Kuala Lumpur has strived to become a city diverse in culture, prosperous in its economy, and welcoming to tourists. No wonder Kuala Lumpur surpass its reputation the 6th most visited destination by tourists in 2011. If you are to count the things you can do in Kuala Lumpur during your stay, the list would probably go on and on with so many fun things to do. If your time to Kuala Lumpur is short, here 5 fun things to do in Kuala Lumpur.

Guide of Beijing Fragrant Hill Park

The Fragrant Hill Park features steep topography with undulating hills, whose highest peak is the Censer Peak with 557 meters high above the sea level. The number of verdant trees in the park is more than 260,000 (taking up 1/4 of total trees in Beijing) and the forest coverage reaches 98% of the total area, where the birds sing, the flowers bloom like pieces of brocades and the man and the Nature harmoniously co-exist. The highlights in the park are the maple trees, whose leaves turn as red as flaming fire in late autumn, providing a breath-taking sight for the visitors.

Phillip Island – My Favourite Place!

I love Phillip Island. It’s a magical place with so much to offer that people need to know what it is about Phillip Island that draws me back again and again.

Ireland’s Oldest Pubs: From Belfast to Cork

It’s not just England or Scotland who boasts the oldest inns in the village; Ireland also has some ancient drinking venues to its name. The Emerald Isle’s oldest pub can be found in the city of Dublin. The Brazen Head was established in 1198 and has seen great literary and revolutionary names such as James Joyce, Jonathan Swift and Michael Collins grace its bar.

3 Things To Do In Clarke Quay, Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore for a vacation, one of the places you must visit is Clarke Quay! If you’re joining a group tour, most of them will bring you to Clarke Quay during the day for sight seeing and visit some tourist attractions. However, your tour don’t just end there.

Explore Heritage Parks And Gardens During Your Stay In Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand’s largest South Island centre, otherwise known as the Garden City, is a main connection and destination with the majority of travellers visiting the lower half of the country arriving via Christchurch Airport. During the winter, Christchurch fills with skiers headed to the slopes while the summer sees more tourists stick around for the nightlife, culture and some of the city’s heritage.

Atlanta’s Druid Hills Historic District

A North Atlanta hotel profiles Atlanta’s Druid Hills Historic District. This area was once home to many of Atlanta’s most prominent families.

Things To Do in Ballybunion – Watersports

Maybe you’d like to hire a canoe and just relax and paddle around for a few hours? Maybe you have absolutely no interest in golf and just want to get straight into the Atlantic ocean as soon as you arrive in Ballybunion. Ballybunion is perfectly located to cater for those whose hobbies involve getting off the land and into the sea.

An Introduction to the National Art Museum of China

The five-storied National Art Museum of China occupies an area of 22,379 square meters with an exhibition area of 7,000 square meters, boasting 20 exhibiting halls in total, 9 of which are available on the first story. There are three small exhibit halls on the interlayer (between the first story and the second story) with a total exhibit area of 4,305 square meters. The third story holds three exhibit halls with a total exhibit area of 863 square meters.

Explore the Islands of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s islands contribute to its distinct, variable personality that extends its boundaries beyond architectural surprises and wealthy affiliations. Its perseverance pays off when Abu Dhabi bounds its environment tightly with its tourists for further enhancement and conservation.

History and Guide for Mumbai Suburban Railway

The Mumbai Suburban Railway is a mass transit system serving the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is part of the public transport system of Mumbai, is provided for by the state-run Indian Railways’ two zonal Western Railways and Central Railways.

Get Ready To Explore Exciting Cape Town Activities

Find some of the most exciting things to do in Cape Town. While Table Mountain is no doubt the most famous tourist attraction there are plenty other hot spots to be discovered, such as a world famous picnic spot or touching anemones and sea urchins.

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