The sad, wild and weird history of Audrey Munson, the world’s most famous unknown model.

Top London Attractions For All The Family

Visit London this summer and spend extra time with the family. Visit the attractions and history that London can provide.

A Historical Journey Through The New Forest

The earliest known inhabitants of the forest date back to the Bronze Age and some remnants of this time can still be seen today in the boiling mounds and round barrows which occupy the modern landscape. Next in the Iron Age, the area was seen as one of opportunity by residents and those in the surrounding area, who cleared vast areas of woodland to begin cultivation of the rich soil. Again in some areas of the forest activity carried out in these times is still evident, especially around the area of Burley where the remains of Iron Age settlements can still be seen. This cultivation led to the soil in these areas gradually diminishing in quality and becoming infertile, which may have been a factor in William I decision to take the land for himself as a hunting ground.

Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho

Idaho is a mountainous state in the Rocky Mountains with a total land area of 83.5 square miles. Surrounding it are the states of Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, Montana and the Canadian territories. The Idaho History Textbook of 1956 gave an excerpt on how the Idaho name came about. It was said to be derived from a Shoshoni Indian exclamation – “Ed-dah-how” which when translated into English, would mean – “Behold, the sun is coming down the mountains”.

Exploring the Art of Venice, Italy

Venice is a stunning Italian city located in the north eastern part of the country. It is built on an array of 118 small islands that are connected by bridges and separated by canals. Once you land in the city, the easiest way to get to the main collection of islands is to travel by Venice airport boat.

Where To Shop In Barcelona

When it comes to shopping, there are very few cities that have as much to offer as either London or Milan. However, Barcelona has its own Mediterranean charm and a range of stores to rival the very best. Whether you’re looking to buy a travel souvenir or an absolutely glorious item of clothing, this city has something for you. This article highlights a few of the shops that retail junkies really should visit.

Why I Chose Macapa Brazil of All Places to Live?

What was I thinking when I chose to live in Macapa Brazil? Find out why I chose Macapa as my second home.

Indianapolis Attractions: The Children’s Museum

From the lower level’s Dinosphere to the top level’s magical carousel, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum offers a ton of family fun opportunities. They know it’s all about the kids, too… so almost all of the exhibits include lots of chances for hands-on activity. No way will your child become bored here!

Five Top Birmingham Attractions For All The Family

When deciding to go on holiday abroad or at home the most memorable and enjoyable vacation or staycation is those that are a surprise. For example travelling of to another country with high expectations can often end in a disappointing experience. Many holiday resorts or cheap locations may be a complete gamble that may not pay off, especially when travelling long-distances with children.

Heritage And Historical Attractions Around Betws-Y-Coed

A popular destination for visitors who have the great outdoors on their minds, Betws-y-Coed is also an excellent base for discovering historical gems. Here are a few of our favourites.

Vietnam Tours: Discover Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam tours offer a wide range of wonderful landscapes to explore, but the cities are equally fascinating and rewarding. Ho Chi Minh City is rightly renowned for its variety, with something different to see and do around every corner. History buffs are spoiled for choice with a seemingly endless supply of museums and preserved houses from across the city’s many lives. If seeking religious sites, you can visit mosques and Vietnamese and Chinese temples, pagodas dedicated to local deities, and a French-built cathedral. For an introduction to some of the best attractions in the city, read on.

A Guide to Expat Living in Singapore

So you are contemplating moving to Singapore and becoming an Orient-expat? Or maybe you are already here and are looking for a few pointers to make your transition hassle-free! Look no further, for this handy guide will surely provide a few friendly tips to make your stay in The Lion City a truly memorable one!

Vacation Travel Packages – Places To Visit If You Are In London

With the 2012 Summer Olympics coming up, many people are looking through various vacation travel packages and booking their tickets to visit London this summer. If you are thinking of traveling to London, but are not sure of what it has to offer, keep reading and I’ll share with you some of my experiences there.

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