Bars Beer & Booze: an American love story (with alcohol anthropologist Roberto Serrini)

London Christmas Travelling

The English capital is the largest city in Europe and a major tourist hotspot. With thousands of visitors arriving every day in London from different parts of the world, its streets bustle with visitor activity daily. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure of London, visitors can easily and safely get around the city.

Gdansk – A Quick Guide

Gdansk is a great Polish city that is the most populated city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland with a population of 455,830. Situated on the Baltic coast, it’s the principal seaport of Poland. Needless to say it’s a great place to spend a short break in.

Comfortable Living in Doha Qatar

Depending on your lifestyle, and what part of the world you are coming from, Qatar can be a very comfortable place to set down roots or a memorable vacation experience. Qatar is a large peninsula that points north into the Persian Gulf. Though most of the territory is desert, travellers to Qatar tend to be surprised by its white sandy beaches and blue ocean view.

Ooty: The Blue Mountain Paradise

Ootacamund, known otherwise as Ooty, is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiris and is a famous tourist destination in India. The pleasant weather here makes it the perfect summer getaway and a number of thrill-seekers and nature lovers visit it every year for the trekking routes that take you through some of the most beautiful places at the hill station.

Bangalore: An Experience of a Lifetime

Bangalore, a city located in the state of Karnataka in India, is one of the most popular cities in India and is fondly remembered as the “Garden City of India” and the hub of the IT industry. It was once a city that was popular because of the cozy atmosphere but has now changed into a busy city where there is plenty to do.

5 Successful Tips for Tourism Marketing

Are you effectively marketing tourism in your area for long-term benefits? The tourism industry contains an eclectic mix of innovative marketing concepts for the historic, amusement, tropical, entertainment and seasonal destinations.

How to Survive Naples

On my way from Rome to Sicily I decided to stop in the city of Naples for a couple of days, using it as a base for day trips to Pompeii and Sorrento. A couple of weeks prior to my visit I watched the news on TV talking about a strike of the garbage workers in Naples and how the city is piling up on rubbish and else. Interesting, I thought, nearly canceling my reservation for Naples and wanting to skip it at all. But a few days later, CNN and other broadcasters announced the end of the strike. So, I had no reason not to visit the city known for serving the best Pizzas in the world.

My Amazing Tour To Dothan Alabama

This year I went to Dothan in Alabama (USA) and I was amazed to capture amazing sightseeing and meet wonderful people. I am a person who loves to travel a lot and as such I was planning to travel to Dothan for the past 4 years. At last, I was successful in visiting this amazing city located in the southeastern corner of the US state of Alabama. You must be wondering about the locations that I have seen in this wonderful place and the stories associated with that.

The Best Reasons to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

Masked in magic, mystery and magnificence, the Egyptian coastal city of Sharm el Sheikh embodies much more than its sun-kissed beaches splashed by the turquoise blue waters and the pulsating nightlife. In fact, the city that sits on the southern coasts of the Gulf of Aqaba is more frequented by tourists who wish to soak under the Egyptian sun and delve into the underwater world. But, go a little deeper and you will be able to savor the mystical connections that link this city to the Biblical phenomena. The treasure trove of marvelous monuments and scintillating sites conjure up the very enigma and enchantment of the events that took place thousands of years back.

Mingling With Animals in Kuala Lumpur

Leaving the comfort and luxury of your hotel in Kuala Lumpur to tour and explore the city is an acceptable feat for all tourists visiting this Malaysian city. After all, enjoyment is not limited within the walls of any 5-star lodging establishments, it is also found in different places.

The Beautiful Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

It is not a secret that Kuala Lumpur is a busy city and that the attention of so many people visiting the place is focused on the impressive cityscape created by towering buildings of offices, malls and hotels in Kuala Lumpur. But, being so does not mean it has no environmental beauty to offer, for serving as a great escape and an oasis to those who wish to find serenity amid the thousand skyscrapers around is the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve.

The Atlantis Resorts: Literally Like Seeing Magical Atlantis

Everybody likes to have some fun for themselves, enjoying some luxury and recreation at resorts for a nice holiday trip or just a break from their hectic lives. Of course, one of the most popular choices these days is the Atlantis group of resorts. There are several of them to be found all over the world, although the most popular choices would be found in the Bahamas. These resorts are home to highly breathtaking lagoons and waterfalls, as well as casinos that will truly take up a lot of your time in enjoyment.

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