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Delving Into the Art of Budapest

Landlocked in the northern part of central Hungary, Budapest is a fascinating and vibrant European city. As the largest in the country, it is the cultural, financial, and political capital. It has often been considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has extensive areas that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites – such as the banks of the Danube River, the Buda Castle, and the Hero’s Square, just to name a few. Budapest has a wealth of beauty and history to offer those on student tours, with a wide choice of fantastic art museums to choose from.

Learning More About History From the Padstow Museum

Holidays are always a great time to relax and de-stress after a hectic life in the city. What better place to go than to one of the relaxing towns on the North Cornish Coast. Not only will you find a lot of attractions and activities at this fishing town but you will also get the best accommodations at the luxurious Padstow holiday cottages and the best food from the many Padstow restaurants that serve the freshest seafood.

A Few Great Dinner Restaurants In Paramount California

When it comes time for dinner in Paramount, there is an eclectic array of cuisine options. Here you will find everything from classic American home cooking to authentic cuisine from cultures all over the world.

Great Lunch Restaurants In Paramount California

When it comes time for lunch in Paramount, there are lots of great options. From burgers and fries to authentic Mexican or Thai, there is a lunch menu for everyone within city limits (or just a few minutes away).

Where To Eat Breakfast When Visiting Paramount California

There are many great places to get a hearty or interesting breakfast in Paramount. Whether staying in town or taking a day trip to nearby Los Angeles or Long Beach, starting with a filling breakfast or great coffee is sure to fuel your day.

There Is A Lot To Love About Paramount California

Located in Los Angeles County, Paramount is a city just to the north of Long Beach that is easily accessible from several major freeways. This small city has a lot to offer from historical landmarks and cultural attractions to great restaurants and shops.

President’s Day Weekend With Kids in Las Vegas

Come and spend your long weekend with your entire family, kids included, in Las Vegas. The “sin city” is known for its adult entertainment but it also provides great kid friendly and wholesome amusement. The sheer number of great attractions such as roller coasters, thrill rides, museums, exhibits, natural gardens and aquariums is worth the trip.

Putnam Cottage: Greenwich CT’s Historic Homes

Putnam Cottage got its name after being the scene of Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam’s daring escape from the British down the steep slope known as Put’s Hill that appears on the City of Greenwich Connecticut’s official home town seal. Israel Putnam was a firebrand against British taxation policies and one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty. In his lifetime he became famous for daring boldness that defied the odds.

New York, New York – A City of Theatre

The Big Apple is a prime business and conference destination, attracting companies and individuals from all over the world who seek the very best facilities. And beyond the New York conference rooms, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered.

Visiting the Top Museums of New York City

As the most populous city in the United States (and one of the most populous in the world), New York City is a beacon for art, culture, shopping, entertainment, industry, economy, education, and travel. As such, there is a variety of New York conference rooms – ideal for meetings and events – that are perfectly located so you can pop out and visit a museum in order to take a break and clear your mind. While in New York City, be sure to take a bit of time to visit the International Center of Photography, the Museum of Modern Art, and Madame Tussaud’s, just for a bit of fun.

A Little Taste of Central Park

Located in the north-eastern part of the United States, New York is one of the most important and well-known cities in the entire world. As a cultural, economic, entertainment, culinary, and shopping/fashion capital, it makes it an ideal place to host an event in one of the many New York conference rooms.

Victoria, BC During a Snow Storm

I took my first trip to Victoria, British Columbia during the biggest snowstorm of the year! It should have been obvious when I boarded the Clipper in route to my accommodation in Victoria that I would be arriving in a winter wonderland. I am glad I brought my snow boots since weather reports called for record breaking snowfall in Seattle; I should have expected a fair amount of snow in Victoria, but little did I know how much snow!

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