Best Pizza Dough Recipe – Roberta’s in NYC

A Walk to Tewet Tarn Near Keswick in the Lake District

Today Daisy and I went on one of our favourite Lake District walks (just a little bimble really), over to Tewet Tarn which is in St John’s in the Vale, five minutes outside Keswick. There are several Keswick cottages in the area which would make an ideal base. This walk starts at the little Church in St John’s in the Vale.

Visiting The English Riviera in November, a Brief Guide

If you like many people are planning on heading down to the South West region to explore the English Riviera; here are just some of the highlights you might like to add to your to-do-list during the month of November. The English Riviera refers to the three main seaside towns of Torquay, Paignton and the Brixham, which all have beautiful coastal views and scenic countryside in the surrounding areas. The English Riviera has been popular as a holiday destination as far back as Victorian times and the arrival of the railway network to this part of the south west…

What to Experience Along the Waterfront During Your Time in Wellington

Most visitors to New Zealand include Wellington in their itinerary. It’s the nation’s capital city and political centre, situated on the southern coastline of New Zealand’s North Island. The central business district sits very close to the harbour, and the Wellington City Council has done a wonderful job of creating a waterfront area which has everything you need to enjoy your stay during your time in Wellington.

A Typical Fall in Northern Vietnam’s Hanoi

Perfect weather in Hanoi is the autumn season, when it’s less humid and cooler than the previous summer. It is recommended that you make your trip to Hanoi between the months of September, October and November. Hanoi’s fall has an indescribable feeling. It’s a wonderful feeling only one that comes to Hanoi in the autumn season can experience. It is a perfect combination of what you see, smell and taste. Our guests consistently tell us that Autumn is the most memorable season when they visit Hanoi.

Alternatives To The Inca Trail: Ausangate

There’s no question that the Classic Inca Trail is the most well known and popular trek in Peru. However, this is a country abundant with amazing treks through breathtaking scenery and indigenous communities. The benefit of taking a trek such as Ausangate is that you will have the beautiful scenery to yourself, allowing you to connect with the Peruvian wilderness in tranquility.

Things to See and Do in the Spa City of Bath in November

The Spa city of Bath in Somerset is the jewel in the crown in South West England. The city has an incredibly rich history and much of its heritage can still seen by visitors who explore the popular sights and attractions around the city. This wonderful and unique English city is famed for many things which include a Royal Charter in 1591 which was granted by the then reigning monarch Elisabeth I.

The Uganda Museum – Display of Cultural Heritage

Museums are a source of cultural knowledge and history to many societies. Given the historical importance of the buildings that house the museums and the art collections therein, African countries ought to celebrate and hold dear the stay of the museums. A museum gives a country character and is a sign that the people of a country are cultured, value and respect their heritage and are willing to learn from it and it is from this view that the Uganda Tourism ministry decided to stay the Uganda National Museum.

Top Water-Based Activities in Queenstown, New Zealand

With so many bodies of water, including Lake Wakatipu, Arrow River and Moke Lake, you’ll never run out of activities when visiting Queenstown. Here are five of our favourite water-based activities no matter the season: Rafting – For those of you who love adventure sports but aren’t ready to jump out of an airplane just yet, whitewater rafting in Queenstown is the ultimate aquatic day out. And you don’t need previous experience either, so spend a few hours navigating the Shotover and Kawarau rivers and try not to fall off.

The Best Coffee in Wellington

Lonely Planet famously named Wellington “the coolest little capital in the world.” The Wellington official website calls itself the “Capital of Cool.” Ever wonder why?

Why Las Vegas Is The Ultimate Vacation

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas then you are probably very excited about it and you will want to take in some of the great shows and other attractions that are on offer there. This article gives you an overview of what to expect in America’s playground.

Reduce Traffic Accidents With the Information Highway

Routes in big cities like Jakarta are not very easy to memorize quickly, except by those who are always passing the route daily. Exploring routes in major cities is difficult because road conditions are unpredictable, such as potholes or the condition of road repairs. The uses of GPS maps were still considered to be less helpful and not accurate, because it is in contrast limited to just tell the direction but not accurate if there is damage to roads are often the main cause of accidents because drivers are less familiar with the area.

Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most interesting cities in the North of Thailand, if not in the whole Thailand. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, and you can still find some influences of Lanna culture in Chiang Mai nowadays. The city is very popular among tourists and shoppers in Thailand and abroad. It is shoppers and shopaholics paradise. You can buy almost anything in the city and practically everything in Chiang Mai is cheaper that almost anywhere else in the world.

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