Sony ZV-E10 BEST For Travel Photography

I believe that the Sony ZV-E10 best use case is for travel photography. In this video i will explain why. but stay tuned hit that subscribe button because i’m also going to get into best lenses for vlogging and other applications. Enjoy the video.

The Camera Junkie is a channel for people like me who are really into cameras. I pretty much never leave the house without one. I mainly do video but i like photography too. I have a second youtube channel called CJ Abroad it will be linked below. I’m not a professional of any sort. I just enjoy making content.

Channel Gear
Main Camera: Panasonic S5 |
Sigma 24-70 F2.8 L-Mount |
Panasonic HC-X2000 |
Fujifilm X-T4 |
Sony ZV-E10 |
Sony A7C |
Sony 24mm F2.8 G |
Video Light # 1 |
Video Light # 2 |
RGB background Light |
Studio Backdrop |

CJ Abroad

This video was filmed using the Panasonic S5

#sonyzve10 #panasonics5

Trance in The Valley of The Sun

The state capital is the anchor of the Phoenix metropolitan area and has been nicknamed “The Valley of the Sun”. In terms of land area, it is one of the largest cities in the United States. The striking city is also recognized as the cultural center of the state of Arizona.

Brighton: Best for a Fun-Filled Vacation With Great Culinary Experience

A beer glass, beach relaxation, nightlife, music, and mouth-watering food – this is all about the Brighton. Restaurants in Brighton are specially famous around the world to offer tourists worldwide varieties of food.

Hong Kong on the Hudson

Charming attractions, spunky nightlife and stunning architecture are some of the attributes of the city nicknamed “Hong Kong on the Hudson” New York City. Situated by the southern tip of the State of New York, the vibrant city is the epicenter of the New York metropolitan area, amongst the most populated urban agglomerations in the world.

Discovering Mojacar: Land of Enchantment

To retire, travel or to make your dreams come true, Mojacar is a small coastal town in southern Spain with an irresistible charm that makes it one of the best Spanish destinations to retire or start a new life. But like any other place, you have to be well informed before making the decision to pack your stuff.

Explore Your Adventurous Side in Mumbai

Amongst all the things that Mumbai is known for, adventurous activities are one of the most underrated as people often relate Mumbai to chaos, spicy food and it’s vibrant nightlife. Looking at the enormous amount of youth people in the city, many adventurous activities have been incorporated in and around Mumbai for people looking to take a break from work.

Enjoy the Beach Life With Fun, Food, and Drinks in Brighton

Brighton – the small fishing village in the England has become the favorite destination of tourists for a fun-filled holiday. This small town now can fascinate visitors with its beach life, vibrant culture, and night life.

Emmett, Idaho – Valley of Plenty

Emmett, Idaho is known by many as the Valley of Plenty, and for good reason no less; The area plays host to a number of annual events that compliment this quaint Idaho community. And its country lifestyle attracts many who seek the outdoor lifestyle, yet need to be a short drive to the greater Boise area. Read more about why Emmett, Idaho is a great place to work, live and play!

A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Non-Veg Restaurants in Ahmedabad

A great many people have a stereotypical notion that one most likely won’t find lip smacking non vegetarian food in the city of Ahmedabad without paying a hefty price at a high end five star hotel. But for your information, the city of Ahmedabad, which is one of the fastest developing cities on the planet as of now, has enough options to satiate a non-vegetarian’s hunger pangs. It’s time to shun the stereotypical image of this city, and dig in your favourite non veg treats at some of the most famous restaurants serving delicious non veg food in Ahmedabad.

Top 5 Festivals Celebrated in the City of Varanasi

If you are looking for a trip to a pilgrimage site in India and want to get the true experience of India with old meditating sages with dreadlocks on the pavements, colorful festivals depicting their rich culture and tradition, head on over to Varanasi. Plan a visit during one of its major festivals to get a better experience than you would at any other time of the year.

What to Do in Florence in Summer

To know what to do in Florence during summer you must be familiar with the things to do that this Italian city provides. The main thing to do in Florence is to visit the monuments and works of art in the historic city center in any season.

How to Plan That Perfect Vacation to the Hill Station of Ooty

Pay a visit to Ooty this summer and experience all that the beautiful hill station of Ooty has to offer. From interesting outdoor activities to quiet and serene ambience, there is a reason this hill station had been a favorite since the time of the British rule. This article talks about all the places you need to visit in Ooty.

Stroll Around the Mesmerizing City, Mumbai

A place where more dreams are realized and snuffed, where every corner conceals something, where adventure options are endless, Mumbai is the place to be. This business capital of India offers some of the prominent sights and activities that provide the travelers a chance to get inside the multicultural skin of other cities of India.

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