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How to Make the Most of Las Fallas Festival in Valencia

A guide to get the most from Valencia’s famous Las Fallas festival. Where to go, what to see and what to eat during the week long celebrations.

Davao City’s Applauded Ordinances

Even though it’s a renowned tourist destination, Davao City is a place that’s worth living in as well. More than its riveting nature spots and paradise islands, the city’s appreciation for the quality of good and healthy living stands out the most. Really, life is in Davao.

8 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Are you planning to spend a weekend in Amsterdam? Here are a few things you can do to make your stay even more memorable.

Life in Portugal: Moving Pets to Portugal

Many pet lovers decide to take their furry friends when moving to another country. Pets are part of the family, but bringing them with you can be difficult. If you are planning to move to Portugal, you first need to understand the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in this country.

Davao City and the King of Fruits, Durian

If there’s one thing that Davao City is quite well known for, it’s the Durian fruit. As the only city in the Philippines that’s able to grow and harvest a bountiful amount of Durian all year round, the “King of Fruits” is indeed, Davao’s pride.

Fun Filled Holidays at Port Elizabeth

For a perfect suspension from worry-some life schedule, South Africa hosts a list of places, which make sure to entertain its visitors in the most replete manner. Port Elizabeth, which is the fifth largest city in South Africa, is a complete package for amazing holidays.

The Best of Both Worlds in Davao City

Among the 7,107 islands of the Philippine archipelago, what makes one city stand out? For all of the country’s pristine beaches, lush forests and majestic terrains, what does it take to be recognized? As Davaoenos see it, a city always stands out for its culture. Furthermore, the scenic sights and lifestyle are huge bonuses.

Uniquely Gaudi

When people think of Barcelona they think of Gaudi, when people think of Gaudi they think of Barcelona. There is a reason that these two are so deeply connected. Gaudi’s architecture style is different from anyone before and anyone following his era.

Top Reasons To Visit Amsterdam

One of the most beautiful and charming cities in Europe, Amsterdam has always been a favorite destination with travelers all over the world. When you think of Amsterdam, perhaps the first sights that come to mind are those beautiful meandering canals that criss-cross the city.

Why Camp Nou?

Sports fan or not one of the main most visited places in Barcelona is Camp Nou. Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe, the 11th largest in the world in terms of capacity, and is the home to the Futball Club Barcelona.

Davao City’s Rich Culture and Heritage

In the land of the Philippines’ highest summit, most exotic fruit, largest bird species and rarest orchid, Davao is a city that has a lot to boast of. But amidst it all, it stays humble. More than its natural grandeur, it values the most important – the quality of life. With a culture that appreciates its roots and its natural resources, the city was assured of having a long way to go.

Major Museums in Barcelona

Major museums in Barcelona are Museu Picasso, Fundacio Joan Miro, MACBA, MNAC, CCCB, Fundacio Antoni Tapies and La Pedrera. Museu Picasso: Is a benchmark centre for understanding Picasso’s formative years and reveals his close ties with Barcelona. Five impressive Gothic buildings house Picasso’s early work, as well as work from other periods, including the Blue Period and the Las Meninas series, a rich interpretative analysis of Velazquez’s masterpiece.

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