Landscape Photographers Must Evolve (I have to make some changes)

Do you sometimes feel that you aren’t progressing as a landscape photographer? Is your photography starting to stagnate causing a dip in your motivation and the pleasure that you derive from taking photos?

In this video I talk about the need for landscape photographers to evolve, to experiment with new approaches and to push themselves to learn new skills. I also share why I feel it is time for me to make some changes, and the direction that I think my photography should take.

0:00 Part 1 – Why evolution is necessary?
4:43 Part 2 – How to approach change

I’m Chris Sale and I am a professional landscape photographer and photography tutor working in the Lake District National Park. I specialise in helping novice landscape photographers to develop the skills that they need to photograph the landscape with confidence.

For more information about my landscape photography workshops, 1-2-1 tuition and the other services that I offer, please visit my website…

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Best of Tourism in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is among the top tourist destination in India because of its culture and heritage. In Rajasthan there are many royal palaces that have astonishing beauty and structure. Art and dance of Rajasthan is popular around the world and people loves to see them. In this post you will see a glimpse of Rajasthan’s tourism for which it is famous for.

Things You Must Know About Baguio City

Known as the “City of Pines”, this mountain town of the Philippines is an awesome and super amazing weekend retreat. Nestled in Luzon Island, Baguio City is a destination comprising of wonderful resorts and glamourous universities.

Explore Guyana – Mountains of Guyana

Mountain Ranges of Guyana – Here are five of the mountain ranges in Guyana, South America (listed alphabetically): 1. Acarai Mountains 2. Eastern Tepuis 3. Imataka Mountains 4. Kanuku Mountains 5. Pacaraima Mountains.

Santa Margherita

One fascinating feature of Santa Margherita Ligure is the town’s painted houses. It is said that the local custom of decorating houses’ facades with trompe-l’oeil images came about when the Maritime Republic of Genoa started taxing windows.

Almora City, A Must Visit For All

Almora is indeed a wonderful place that must be visited at least once. If you want to explore “Incredible India”, then you cannot miss out on this place.

Sydney Cinemas in Historic Buildings

Recreating scenes from a bygone era, cinemas in historic buildings around Sydney deliver an experience from the moment you step inside. Showing the latest blockbusters and golden oldies, these Sydney film houses combine an endearing nostalgia with all of the latest mod cons.

Discover the Affluence of The Pool

Famously known as “The Pool”, Liverpool is a major city and a metropolitan borough in the North Western part of England. The city has an estimated population of 480,000 residents while the Liverpool metropolitan area boasts of 2.4 million people approximately. The Pool is the principal city in the metropolitan region.

Roorkee: A Wonderful Place To Visit

This article gives a brief overview of one of the best places to visit in India. The name of the city is Roorkee. Have a look…

The World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

Biking is no doubt is a great way to stay active, many research shows the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of cycling. According to a study the society enjoys a net profit of 23 cents for every kilometre cycled, whereas the society suffers a net loss of 16 cents for every kilometre driven by car.

Waterfalls Near Pune for the Nature Lovers

Pune is a land of great diversity that has managed to retain its traditions marching ahead with advanced infrastructure. This great mixture not only makes it a unique city but also a heritage that must be visited once in lifetime.

The 10 Most Popular Sights in Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re looking for a place to spend your next holiday or vacation, go and visit Stockholm. Here are 10 of the most popular attractions in the city recommended by most travelers.

Some Facts and Figures About the Amazing City of Dubai

During the past few years, many travelers from all over the world started spending their vacations in Dubai. In fact, they fell in love with the city that has transformed to become one of the most amazing destinations in the world that welcome thousands of tourists from various regions around the globe. Today we will be highlighting some of the facts and information about Dubai.

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