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Things To Do And See In Nice, France

This article focuses on the city of Nice and what to do while there. The South of France is a popular holiday destination during the European summer months, with Nice being one of the prime hotspots to visit.

Heavenly Must-Visit Gardens and Parks In and Around Malaga

Gardens in and around the city of Malaga offer you an opportunity to know more about various types of flora. Visit the gardens to feel the beauty and tranquility.

Prague’s Own Eiffel Tower – Petrin Tower

The Petrin Tower in Prague, built by the Czech Tourist Club, is a small version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was constructed by engineers Frantisek Prasil and Julius Soucek in 1891 in a record time of four months.

Asheville’s Historic Battery Park Hotel

Though it’s not been an active hotel since 1972, the historic Battery Park Hotel in Asheville is still worth a visit. It now houses apartments and offices, but from 1924 until 1972, it was a hotel for many visitors who came to Asheville to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and the refreshing climate.

France – The Rules of the Restaurant

No holiday walking in France would be complete without sampling various forms of the regional cuisine. The good news is that there’s no need to worry too much about restaurant etiquette, though a little basic awareness might help you avoid feeling awkward!

The History of the Fleur De Lis

To a Louisiana local, the fleur de lis is a symbol of home, but the insignia has royal roots that extend far beyond the Bayou State. Learn the symbol’s history and what it stands for today.

The Climate in Singapore – What to Expect

If you are planning on moving to Singapore, what can you expect? Firstly, it might take some time to get used to the climate here, especially if you have never lived in a tropical climate before. Here is a brief introduction to what you can expect.

Spend a Day in Marseille During Your Holiday in Provence

If you are planning a holiday in Provence one of the places you may be most keen to visit is Marseille. You should definitely try to spend a day here if you can [or longer], and there is plenty to do to keep you occupied.

To Be Married Over the Anvil

The 1750s saw many changes in Great Britain under George II. In 1752 the calendar was reformed from the Julian to the Gregorian, and the 1st of January gained official status as the first day of the year, even though it had been commonly accepted for a long time. With the adjustments to the calendar, the tax year was set to begin each year on the 6th of April.

Jesus in England, Maybe

In his Glastonbury Hymn (more commonly known as Jerusalem), William Blake mentioned Jesus’ possible visit to England: “And did those feet in ancient times / Walk upon England’s mountains green?” So, did Jesus walk upon mountains of England? The Romans had a heavy presence in the west and south west of Britannia.

The Bizarre Madam Tussaud

The famous exhibition of wax figures has a remarkable history. Madame Tussaud was taken, by her mother, to Bern in Switzerland from Strasbourg after the death of her father in the Seven Year War. Here she was employed by Dr Phillippe Curtius, a physician, who was well-known for his anatomical wax models.

For a Good Time in the BVI: Bomba’s Full Moon Party

Locals in the BVI celebrate with a Full Moon Party each month during the full moon. Tourists can expect to join in huge parties with live bands, drink specials, and dancing under the full moon.

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