Cambodia Drone Dreaming – Kids in rural jungle village see a drone for the first time.

Cuba: An Exciting Travel Destination and Cultural Surprise

Finding the right travel agency in Cuba can be a great way to make your trip to this country a memorable and pleasant experience. The local agents know in details the situation in the country, procedures and regulations, they can help with getting a visa, find the cheapest airfare, etc. Despite numerous political problems that the country was so rich in, Cuba remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Caribbean Sea.

Canada Travel Guide and Advice for Tourists

Canada travel agents can be instrumental in planning a good, memorable trip. They possess local knowledge and experience, and are able to come up with great tour proposals, from visa to airline tickets, from hotels to tour guides and excursions. Canada is a vast country with a stunning variety of tourist attractions.

Discover Alice Springs

The alluring town of Alice Springs is located in the geographic centre of Australia in the Northern Territory. It has a small population of approximately 27,500 residents, and yet has played a large part in the history of Australia. Modern Alice Springs offers visitors many attractions and activities, along with wonderful accommodation options.

Accommodation in Nairobi – East Africa Adventures

Whenever you choose to go for an adventure, it is always best practice to gather some information about the destination you are headed to. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and if you are planning on visiting the country, then you need to consider the below factors when choosing a place to stay.

Why A Tour Is The Best Way To See The City Of Buenos Aires

With a city as large and diverse as Buenos Aires, a city tour is a great way to experience what the city has to offer. This article outlines some of the tour type options a tourist has open to them, including walking, by bus or by bike.

Two Lesser-Known Delights of Vietnam

Many of today’s travellers are beginning to focus their attention on southeast Asia, and more and more people are discovering the delights of Vietnam. Tours around the country are now quite established and a well-beaten track has already emerged, criss-crossing the country and taking in the most popular tourists sites. If you’re a more intrepid traveller, you might want to find out about some of the lesser-known delights of the country. After all, it’s often the places you hadn’t expected to discover that are the ones that last longest in the memory. Here is a brief rundown of a couple of places you may want to explore that come highly recommended by those in the know.

Appreciate the Art, History and Architecture of Venice

Venice, considered to be one of Italy’s most historical and romantic cities, can easily be your next travel destination. Upon arriving at the Venice airport, boat rides have been made available for tourists to go around the city so you can begin to soak up the famed atmosphere immediately.

Great Places To Visit In Adelaide

If you are heading to Australia for a holiday there any many towns and cities to consider depending on what type of vacation you are having. The city of Adelaide is the capital of the South Australia and with approximately 1.2 million residents is the fifth largest in the country making it a great choice if you are looking for a city environment that isn’t too crowded and is close to a many great attractions and interesting places to visit.

Things You Didn’t Know About Adelaide

Australia is a country with a very colourful and interesting past and for many years Australians have been somewhat coy about their convict beginnings but these days the country is embracing its history and making it a one of the highlights of your trip there. One of the cities in Australia that has many unique and historically significant features is Adelaide.

Exciting Ways to Explore the City of Venice by Water

When planning for an adventurous trip, one of the places that should be really considered is Italy. While romance and magic simply fills the air when in Rome, Venice really stands out and just captures the heart of any visitor. The best way to get settled into this quaint city is with Venice airport boat rides.

Must See Sights When You Take a Venice Airport Water Taxi

The waterways of Venice are the grand old city’s most famous and romantic feature, and are definitely a breath of fresh air after being cramped in the tight confines of an airplane for hours on end. If you do decide to take a Venice airport water taxi, then keep your eyes peeled for the following attractions.

Thailand Tours: Go Tranquil in Bangkok’s Parks

Bangkok – it’s synonymous with glistening temples and curious monks, bustling nightlife and beeping tuk tuks. Yet within this metropolis you can find pockets punctuated with peace and tranquility.

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