Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: Vaya Seaweed bath a must try one of a kind experience.

Most Visited Places in Pattaya

The seaside resort of Pattaya is located on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand. The sleepy fishing town was first discovered in 1959, when some US army personnel fighting in the Vietnam War came here for rest. Tourism gradually picked up and by the 1980s a large number of resorts developed along its beaches. Today this resort town attracts more than five million visitors to its shores every year. The main action is concentrated along the Pattaya beach but beyond the beach, there are many attractions that you can visit and explore. Listed below are just some of them.

Corpus Christi’s Top Five Attractions

Corpus Christi, a city of just over 300,000 residents, is located along the Gulf of Mexico. Its year-round warm climate draws visitors from across the country. There are several fun attractions that are sure to please the entire family.

Musee Grevin Waxwork Museum in Paris Started Over 130 Years Ago

The Musee Grevin was first started after an initial idea of providing people with a visual aspect of what famous people looked like, and therefore this waxwork museum in Paris was first started over 130 years ago. It is a fantastic place to visit for all ages where you can even discover how these figures are produced, with even more added characters like Scrat from Ice Age, stars such as Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, historical figures like King Louis XIV, through to famous people including Pablo Picasso, Louis Armstrong and many others.

How to Get to Wrigley Field From O’Hare Airport

Know how to get to Wrigley Field from O’Hare International Airport. To do this, you can catch a cab, rent a car or hop on the train from O’Hare airport and this article will explain each method.

Cambridge – A Few Interesting Facts

Cambridge is a world famous city and largely for one reason, its university. The institution does indeed dominate the town’s history and continues to shape its profile today; and as a result the town has had a notable impact on the wider culture and wealth of the country for the last 800 years. The following article provides a handful of interesting facts about the city that you may or may not have known already, and that give an idea of its stature.

Exploring Bangkok: Riverfront and Chinatown

The last decade has seen Bangkok, the capital of the Thai kingdom, evolve from a humid riverside city to a glittering commercial hub of Asia. While the tuk tuk and street food are part of the cityscape, Bangkok has witnessed a dramatic improvement in public transport system. A combination of underground subways (MRT) and skytrains (BTS) has transformed the city into futuristic maize of skytrains, sidewalks, and skywalks (elevated sidewalks) making Bangkok easy to explore.

The Small Museum in Paris Dedicated to the Artist Eugene Delecroix Portrays His Work and Life

Eugene Delacroix had a prolific career and even though many of his paintings and furniture were sold at auction after he died, a society was formed in order to preserve the apartment and studio where he lived and worked. So, now you can discover the Musee Eugene Delecroix, which is a small and intimate museum in Paris that holds personal items, letters, complete sets of works, his original easels and much more, rather than just discovering one or two paintings at museums such as The Louvre.

Take A Stroll Through Wellington’s Gardens

Headed to Wellington for the weekend? Known as the coolest little capital in the world, Wellington is one of New Zealand’s top cities. Offering visitors everything from culture and art to a great night on the town, Wellington really is the heart of the country in more ways than one.

My Love for the French Riviera: Nice and Monaco

Nice and Monaco offer so much to see and do. To assist in future travelers, I have outlined our top tips and favorite places to see!

Washington: A City With In-Your-Face Contrasts

Brimming with a unique history of its own, the Washington city in the United States has developed as a complex and layered city over the last few centuries. Being the capital of one of the most or the most powerful countries in the world, today’s Washington serves as a center point for bureaucrats, business tycoons, travelers, students and several other professionals and institutions. Throughout the year you can notice the crowd of tourists on the city streets. The innumerable attractions and amazing city life attracts both domestic and international travelers. Though the city is served by three major airports – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Thur good Marshall Airport, it is a great idea to book your tickets well in advance to get low-cost flights to and from Washington.

Street Painting in Honduras – Creating the Easter Alfombra

Every year on the Thursday before Easter hundreds of volunteers, many of them students and members of local organizations, gather on a blocked off section of Avenida Cervantes in the heart of downtown Tegucigalpa. Flanked by bags of brightly colored sawdust, they are there to transform a drab city street into a beautiful work of art.

Experiencing the Past in the Present Bacolod: 3 Heritage Sites to Visit

Every city has stories to tell, and its richest tales are usually those that speak of its origins and the significant historical events that have shaped its people’s culture. Bacolod City is no exception, and visiting its interesting heritage sites will reveal to you a place with a fascinating past and rich culture that goes far beyond fun festivities in October or scrumptious local cuisines. When you’re in the area, don’t miss visiting these three heritage sites that will open up the doors to Bacolod’s past so you can gain insights into its culture and history, and help you better…

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