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Lavish Tours to North-East India

North- East region of India is renowned for its untouched beauty. People from every corner of the globe descend here for laid- back vacations where they can relax and enjoy. The states that together form this enchanting region are- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Tripura.

There Are Many Economic Opportunities to Be Explored in Brisbane and Queensland

The East Coast city of Brisbane, capital of Queensland, is fast becoming an economic powerhouse for national and international business with a rapidly expanding economy despite the ongoing global economic downturn. While the city is the central point for the surrounding holiday and tourist attractions that have long made it a favourite destination for holidays, the city’s convention centre and international airport have increasingly made it an attractive location for international conventions and exhibitions of all types and the city’s economy accounted for almost half of the total Queensland economy in 2011. The state…

Family Friendly Activities In Taupo

If you are taking the family to Taupo for your next holiday, you will need plenty of family friendly activities to keep the kids happy as well as the adults. Luckily the Taupo region, situated in the middle of North Island in New Zealand has plenty of things to do and see, including incredible natural wonders and enthralling manmade options too.

Peru Vacation Tips – Get to Know Your Seafood

Getting to grips with what you are ordering in a seafood restaurant in Peru is the key to having a great meal. Often a little confusing with the language barrier and the weird and wonderful names of traditional plates. Therefore I have written a short article that will help you understand the menu better and make you look like a regular at which ever place you choose to dine.

Check Out the Parks and Gardens on Your Next Visit to Wellington

With cafes, art galleries, museums and some of the best culture in the country, there are so many different reasons to visit Wellington, New Zealand’s capital in the North Island. Easily accessible from Picton via ferry and a quick flight away from Christchurch and Auckland, Wellington is a great place to stop off for a weekend or a week for a short getaway. While it is mostly known for the city, there are some beautiful parks and gardens that you should check out while you are there.

Living in Singapore

Living in Singapore is easy, comfortable, and very enriching. Most expats in Singapore speak of the fact that they have easily been assimilated into the social network. These expats in Singapore find life much simpler and of a higher quality than any other place in the world.

Why I Live in Montreal

I’d like to tell you why I live in Montreal. I came here in 1990. I was fresh from my Master’s programme in English Literature and needed a second-language credit to finish, so I came to do French immersion.

How the Thermal Baths Were Formed in Bath Spa Town

Bath has had a varied history as a spa town with it first being established in Roman times around AD 60 which was 20 years after the Romans first arrived in Britain. It became very popular in the Georgian period with many visiting to take the waters which were thought to have medicinal benefits.

Attractions of Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram lies on the seacoast, nearly 70 kilometers from Chennai City, India. It was a 7th century Port City built on the shores of Bay of Bengal. It is now classified as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Top 5 Places to Get a Great Massage in Costa Rica: My Search For the Perfect Massage

Can you get a good or even great massage in Costa Rica? I show you where to go in Costa Rica to find the perfect massage.

Melbourne Markets

This article is about interesting markets to visit when in Melbourne. It’s particularly relevant for families with kids as they all have free things for the kids to do.

Tourist Attractions in Paris for Everyone to Enjoy When on a Holiday in Paris

With over thirty million people visiting the capital city of France each year, it is no surprise that there are many completely different tourist attractions in Paris that you can visit while you are on holiday in France. And these vary from the great views at the Eiffel Tower, to the unique Cite de Sciences that will be able to keep everybody enthralled, not forgetting the tour buses in Paris and attractions like the River Seine, Aquaboulevard and plenty of more, so you will no doubt find yourself struggling to end up seeing everything you would like to once on…

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