How to spend 4 days in the Margaret River region

Berlin: Digging Through One of the World’s Coolest Cities

People come to Berlin expecting many things, but Berlin is different than any other city I have ever seen. Below the surface there is a vibrancy unexpected and enjoyable. It is dynamic and inspiring. A complete surprise, if you know where to look.

Come Visit The Amazing Texas

Gruene is a historic town bought by its owner, Henry Gruene in 1872. Henry’s first house still stands firm and is tastefully refurnished to become suitable for an Inn. This beautiful town is just minutes away from New Braunfels and Canyon Lake.

Places I Have Visited In India

I have traveled so many places in India and gathered some wonderful experiences. Therefore, I would like to share those memorable experiences with my fellow readers. So, some of these places are summarized in this article.

Gardens of Malaga

Ideal for lovers of gardens. In Malaga, the oldest gardens are located around the city, such as el Retiro de Fray Alonso de Churriana, whose original sector, el Estanque and el Huerto del Obispo, dates from 1669, although the most interesting of this park are the Jardin de la Sierra with a splendid specimen of avocado, el Jardin de la Cascada and la Ria dating from the eighteenth century, this last one with an excellent ride of cypresses.

Enjoy the Sights of Bath and City’s Rich Cultural Heritage

On arriving in Bath you will get a sense of the city’s rich history, with its magnificent Georgian period architecture, the many palatial looking buildings situated throughout the city and the famous ancient Roman Baths in the city centre. Bath offers visitors a huge variety of local attractions, plus an array of things to see and do whatever time of year you might plan to visit this cultural city. Historically, Bath was a key Ancient Roman settlement in Ancient Britain and, during this period, Bath (or Aquae Sulis at it was called by the occupying Romans) became known for its warm spa waters. The centre of Bath has an underground geothermal spring which flows up from deep under the ground, which is why the Romans wanted to harness this natural anomaly. This prompted the Romans to build on this unique location, where they established the Roman Bath House which can be still visited.

State of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil

The state of Rio Grande do Sul is an illustration of the cultural variety in Brazil. It is fundamentally different from what foreigners usually associate with Brazil.

New York Broadway Shows

New York, the city of dreams, has something for each and everybody coming to visit the American metropolitan. When it comes to entertainment, the city is full of options for the tourists, be it the Multiplexes, amusement parks, adventure rides, circuses or the Broadway theaters. People looking to get the feel of the illustrious history of NYC have a perfect avenue in the form of the famed Broadway theaters of New York.

Living in Portugal: Customs and Traditions in the Algarve

More than just spectacular beaches and a warm climate, Algarve offers a rich folk heritage that is highly appreciated by both locals and tourists. Many UK expats who move to this region are amazed to see its beauty and uniqueness. The tradition in its entire splendor can be found in this place.

Nova Scotia Tourism, Travel and Resources

If you are looking for information pertaining to the great Canadian province of Nova Scotia read on! Providing you with the BEST Eastern Canada has to offer. From cities to towns, to ethnic diversities, if you don’t know where to turn to next, Start Here! Welcome to NS Canada.

Koh Chang: Beauty on the Beach

Six hours from Bangkok by land, Koh Chang is an inexpensive getaway where tourists are at a minimum. No matter where you go on the island, you’ll be rewarded by breath taking scenery and a peaceful yet lively atmosphere.

Italian Cities – A Personal Insight Into Which Cities Are Worthy of Your Visit

Which Italian Cities Suit Your Needs? Each hold their own uniqueness and different charms, so which is right for you? Italian City Tours or visits during your Italian holiday should be a very fulfilling experience. You should plan in advance and be clear on your expectations and objectives. Which cities are likely to be best for your particular requirements?

Visiting the Eiffel Tower When on a Holiday in Paris

When taking a Paris holiday within the city of love, it is almost needed to visit the Eiffel tower to experience one of the most well known monuments in Paris and around the world. Everything from enjoying a drink, seeing the views or having a meal is possible in the Eiffel tower, to make it a great experience for anyone when on holiday in Paris.

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