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Japanese Travel Locations and People Names Can Be Confusingly Fun!

If you wondered why Japanese people refer to Mt. Fuji as Mr. Fuji, you are not alone. When I first came to Japan, and actually until about two years ago, well okay, actually it still happens a lot, I was confused and continue to get confused by place names.

Kanagawa Prefectural Office – King Was Designated a National Historical Building in 1996

One of my absolute favorite places in Yokohama is the Kanagawa Prefecture Headquarters, called “Kanagawa Ken Hon-cho”. Until air travel allowed visitors to come via airports, Yokohama was Japan’s front door to the world.

All About Chrysanthemums in Japan

“Kiku” is the Japanese word for Chrysanthemum. After residing in Japan for some 28 years, I understand that the Japanese relationship with this beautiful flower is deep, intricate and somewhat mysterious especially when you are a newbie visitor.

What Is Schwiebert Park in Rock Island, Illinois?

An overview of the new Schwiebert Park in Rock Island, part of the Quad Cities in Illinois and Iowa. Learn what amenities this great park has. A resource for locals or people moving to the QC.

Witness the Remarkable Architecture of Hampi Tourism

If you love to explore unique attractions, Hampi tourism welcomes you. The small city houses a number of interesting sites that will take your exploration to the next level.

The Ultimate Food Guide to Eating in Kansas City

If you are ever in the Midwest, you simply must head to Kansas City for sampling its world-class steaks and jazz music. The exciting city has long been the hub for a widespread agricultural cultivation.

The History of New Delhi – Capital of Capitals

A famous traveler once said that there are only 3 cities in the world where you can find a monument at a stone’s throw – Rome, Jerusalem and New Delhi. This highly informative article explains how and why New Delhi became a treasure trove of monuments, out of which 3 are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What You Will Find in the City of Providence

Learn about what the City of Providence has to offer. Find out about interesting things you can do in this creative city. Learn about educational resources, places to dine and shop and other forms of entertainment. Here you will find information on recreational activities available and the means of transportation.

St Augustine, Florida: The Original Home Of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditoriums, aquariums and other attractions are located throughout North America. However, St. Augustine, Florida is home to the original. Opened in 1950, a year after the death of Robert Leroy Ripley, the St. Augustine Ripley’s is located in Castle Warden, a historic building that was built in 1887. Along with the Odditorium, there are three other attractions, including the Ghost Train Adventure, Haunted Castle Tour and the Red Trains.

Exciting Places To Visit In New York City – Make Your Trip A Memorable One

New York is an amazing city which has so many attractions for its visitors. Let us list down some of the exciting places you can visit while in the city in order to make your trip a memorable and highly enjoyable one. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: It is the largest encyclopedic art museum which has over 2 million works of art under a single roof.

Fun Places to Go in Washington, DC

Washington D.C is a striking and fascinating town with an overload of cultural diversity. There are so many amazing places to visit where you’ll have a lot of fun while sightseeing and learning about the city’s prominent history.

10 Places to Visit in Miami, Florida

1. Miami Beach. The city of Miami Beach offers a bevy of activities whether your passion be dance, music, theater or visual arts. If a selection of free film screenings is on the schedule, check out the Miami Beach Soundscape. Complimentary cultural enterprises vary from string quartets, brass ensembles, and picnic with unique music. The visual art at the Botanical Gardens embraces graceful forms of dance including ballet. Tours of the city or the museum of art, library storytelling and bike excursions endeavor to please everyone.

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