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Some Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Vaishno Devi

The shrine of Vaishno Devi, located in Jammu, is considered to be one of the most famous and highly frequented religious spots in the country, and to some extent, in the world as well. Crores of devotees visit this site every year with utmost dedication. The site is known to have some awe-inspiring tales and myths associated to it, and if you sit down listening to each, for sure you will be shell-shocked! So get ready to embark on a divine journey to Vaishno Devi, while unveiling some lesser known facts about the same.

Srinagar – Should I Visit This Destination or Not?

Srinagar is an intriguing city, one that travel enthusiast across the country are interested in visiting but are somewhat apprehensive due to the border disturbances. This article talks about everything you need to know about your travel to Srinagar and why you should plan a trip to the city on your next vacation.

8 Reasons to Make Your Way to San Jose, California

Why are the millennials moving to San Jose, California? Here are a few fun things you might not have know about this city that will make you want to make your way over to San Jose.

7 Reasons Austin, Texas Is A Great Place To Live

Austin, Texas is a city that has been creating a lot of buzz lately. If you are thinking of moving to this amazing city here are 7 more reasons why Austin, Texas might be the next city you call home!

Why Is Cleveland, Ohio An Amazing City For Millenials?

Ohio was listed as one of the most popular states Americans are moving to in 2016. The cities in the great Midwestern state are beginning to catch the eye millennials that are looking for a place to settle with better housing prices and an exciting economy. One of those cities is Cleveland: a city on the rise. Here are some cool and interesting facts you should know before you decide to make your move to Cleveland, Ohio.

Munnar: A Natural Lover’s Delight

One of the most renowned hill stations of South India, Munnar hosts a lot of things that will help you get closer to the nature. Mostly famous for its tea plantations, Munnar has a lot of other things to indulge in too. From the magnificent streams to the beautiful flower gardens and national parks, you can enjoy a lot of things while in Munnar.

Johannesburg and Sun City in South Africa

When travelers think of South Africa, they usually just imagine a safari trip exploring the wild life of lions, tigers, and elephants. However, the moment tourists who travel to South Africa reach the airport, they are amazed how developed the whole country became.

Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya

One of the most fascinating countries in Africa, many travelers from all over the globe visit Kenya for its wonderful natural life and the magnificent experience they go through. Kenya is located in the heart of Africa and the country enjoys marvelous tropical forests, Savannah steppes, large lakes, mountains, and some amazing beaches. These are mainly the reasons that encourage tourists to travel to Kenya.

10 Things That Every Person Moving to Minneapolis Should Know

So you are thinking of moving to Minneapolis, the city of ice fishing, the birthplace of the purple reign of Prince and land of 10,000 lakes. Here is a guide for some helpful but also fun and quirky facts about this midwestern delight. Many people refer to it, as the Mini-Apple as there is never a lack of culture, food and fun activities that make this one of America’s great cities.

8 Facts Everyone Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

Seattle is now the 3rd fastest growing city in the USA with a steady incline of 15,000 new residents moving here each year (for the past 4 consecutive years). Here are a few fun facts that everyone should know before moving to Seattle.

Travel Guide – Los Angeles

Travelling To Los Angeles? Check out our LA Guide, and the 17 things you must experience while in Los Angeles!

Venice Carnival: Masquerade Masks and Decadence

The Venice Carnival takes place every year on the picturesque islands in the province of Veneto. This unique event offers a glimpse into the past rituals and festivities that take place annually in the world’s most famous floating city.

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