Madeira Portugal Travel Photography Tips – 13 Amazing Locations!

Madeira is a tiny island off the coast of Africa containing Hawaii like landscapes that will take you above the clouds on some epic hikes, through forested hiking trails called “levadas”, and beautiful coastlines that look almost Icelandic. In this guide I go over 13 amazing locations great for landscape photography and drone flying!

For easy navigation use the time codes below:

Intro 0:28
Getting There 0:53
Lodging 2:00
Getting Around 2:25
Food 4:24
Locations 5:17
Ponta De Sao Lourenco 5:38
Ponta De Rosto 6:41
Cristo Rei 7:11
Pico Do Arieiro 7:45
Pico Ruivo 9:19
Crane Viewpoint 11:49
Levadas 12:54
Levada Do Caldeirao Verde 13:22
Porto Moniz 14:20
Ribeira Da Janela 15:27
Seixal 16:17
Bridal Veil Falls 17:36
Fanal 18:25
Levada Das 25 Fontes/Levada Do Risco 20:49
Miradoura Ponta Da Ladeira 23:30
Scuba Diving 24:24

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