Tales of the Cocktail 2022 in New Orleans – Celebrate Cocktail Culture

Beguiling Break in Barcelona – Activities, Attractions and Apartments

If you wish to witness a unique amalgam of modern day Europe and Spain’s rich history and culture, Barcelona is the place to be. It has picturesque beauty enclosed between the Mediterranean waters and the mountains of Collserola.

Best London Conference Hotels

In London, conference hotels tend to get booked up rather quickly. Despite the fact that each of these establishments is fittingly large, the City’s nature as one of the most bustling metropolitan centres in the world means that the largest conferences are held there – which, in turn, means lots of attendees, leading to jam-packed hotels. Similarly, conditions tend to differ somewhat between all the different London conference hotels. While most of them are obviously high-end, some will go that extra mile to ensure conference attendees and organizers get their money’s worth, both in terms of accommodation and conference-room conditions. Below are some of the best examples of this trend to be found in England’s personable capital.

Things to Do and Activities in Bath During April: A Brief Guide

The city of Bath is famous for its extensive Georgian architecture throughout the highly esteemed city and it’s unique and well preserved Roman Baths. The Baths were constructed by the occupying Roman Empire around 60-70 AD, as the Romans wanted to harness the hot geothermal springs which were discovered in the centre of the city. Today the well preserved Roman Bath’s are still standing and the site is shared also with Bath’s famous Georgian era Grand Pump Room, both are well worth a visit.

History of Madurai

Madurai is one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of the River Vaigai. The settlements at Madurai started two thousand years ago and Madurai is considered as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

History of Amritsar

Amritsar is located in the Indian state of Punjab. The history of Amritsar starts from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is believed to be the place of Rishi Balmiki and the birth place of the sons of Rama and Sita, Lav and Kush.

History of Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is situated among the Eastern Ghats of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Visakha is the god of valor in Hindu mythology and Visakhapatnam is named after him. The Andhra king built a temple for Visakha in bygone days.

10 Must Dos In Tauranga

In the Bay of Plenty with its warm summers, beautiful scenery, arts, culture and a growing population, Tauranga is one of the country’s top tourist destinations. With exciting annual events and a varied landscape of beaches, lakes, parks and hills, it’s easy to see why both local and international visitors choose Tauranga when they are looking for a great holiday.

10 Must Do Attractions In Hamilton

As one of the main centres in the country with a popularity that is quickly on the rise, Hamilton is a great stop for both local and international travellers. Home to several large music festivals and a number of annual events that are run throughout the year, Hamilton always has something new and exciting for anyone visiting the city.

New York City Model’s Favorite Bars and Restaurants

When in New York, people watching is an important sport when heading out to the bars, clubs and restaurants. Here are a handful of insider’s choices for fashion models and celebrity spotting before, during and after fashion week in Manhattan.

New York’s Most Historic Restaurants and Places To Eat

Because New York City is steeped in a long and rich history, there are a small but stable clutch of restaurants that help tell the story of not only the city but the founding of the country as well. From small speakeasies to steak institutions, New York has some wonderful historic places to dine that serve up good food and tales.

Benidrom Tourist Guide – Spain

Benidorm is a beautiful holiday resort which has gained popularity among tourists during the recent past as a perfect holiday destination. Every year a number of visitors from Europe and across the world especially choose Benidorm as their holiday resort during summer for many reasons. Benidorm has everything for everyone to have a enjoyable holiday trip.

A Short-List of London’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Whether you’re looking for a dining place for that first date venue, a laid-back restaurant and bar for you and your partner or a perfect place to celebrate your anniversary in London, this entry will get it covered. As a lucrative city, London is known for its romantic restaurants, and unfortunately, there’s not much cheap restaurant around the city, so be ready in splashing some cash. Here’s a short list of the city’s most romantic restaurants.

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