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Top Attractions of Birmingham

Birmingham is a city that is situated in the West Midlands of England. This city is associated with the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham is the second largest city in the England.

Biel Attractions

Biel is a small city that is situated in the Switzerland. The city is the tenth largest city of the country. This city is known for its watch makers and many international watch makers such as Tag Heuer, Swatch and Omega has its deep association with this city.

A Visit to Southampton

Southampton is a port city that is situated on the South Eastern side of England. The city has been a settlement since the Saxton and Roman times. Southampton was earlier known as Clausentum.

A Journey Into the History of Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City is traditionally regarded as the gateway to the Underworld. As a consequence it is now a popular, if occasionally gruesome, tourist attraction on the Yangtze. But just as remarkable is the modern history of the city.

San Diego Seaport Village Pedicab

San Diego is one of the most popular cities of United States. It is the eighth largest city. It is located on the coast of Pacific Ocean and its location makes it one of the most beautiful tourist locations.

Moving to a Small Island Community and Adjusting to the Island Culture

Moving to a small island community is not the same as moving to a new city. This article has useful information on making a smooth transition from the urban culture to the island culture.

Destination at a Glance: Berlin

If you’re looking for an excellent travel destination for a vacation, then look no further than Berlin, Germany. Berlin is capital city of Germany and boasts a population of 3.5 million, making it the eighth most populous city in the European Union.

Destination at a Glance: Dubai

Dubai is a sophisticated city often described in superlatives: the largest, the tallest, and the most lavish. What began as a small village located on the Persian Gulf has now become one of the top travel destinations in the world. In fact, Dubai is the 8th most visited city in the world.

In France, Nice Is Nice

Nice is nice for the beaches of the French Riviera. But let’s take a quick tour through some of the other reasons Nice is nice.

Battambang in Cambodia

Mention a trip to Cambodia and most people will think of three destinations, that of the world famous temple of Angkor Wat, the capital city Phnom Penh, home of the killing fields and some of the darkest monuments to the Khmer Rouge era, and finally the beaches at Sihanoukville also known as Kompong Som. To this list you could add a new attraction, the provincial capital of Battambang.

The Developing Town of Telford – Shropshire

Telford – Shropshire is one of the latest towns to be built in the borough of Wrekin and Telford. You will actually find Telford in the county of Shropshire, about 48km west of Birmingham and 21km east of Shrewsbury. In a census done in 2001, the actual town had 138, 241 occupants. This amount is expected to grow to more than 200, 000 by the year 2030.

Best Cities For A Weekend Break

Stress at work giving you dark circles? Tired of the crazy schedules and jam packed weeks? Looking for a quick vacation, but clueless about where to go? Well here’s your chance to take the weekend off and lose some steam. This is a guide to all the greatest weekend holiday destinations in the world. Take your pick and prepare to get bowled over.

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