Tazewell Virginia might be completely haunted

Relaxing in Ko Olina – Oahu: Activities for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Because Hawaii is such an amazing vacation destination, you often hear about activities, events, and sightseeing options all over the place. But the truth is, Hawaii is also a great place to simply sit back and relax and pamper yourself. The Hawaiian surroundings inspire peacefulness that you will likely find in few places.

Fun Facts About Geneva

Switzerland. Known for chocolates, watches, and being neutral in most armed conflicts, this charming little tri-lingual country also houses two of Europe’s main capitals, Zurich and Geneva. The former, in particular, is known for being home to the European branch of the United Nations, but that is far from all there is to her. This article clues you in on a few fun facts about this Swiss city that will no doubt leave you wanting to visit!

Menorca Villas: Important Local Information

If you’ve got your summer holiday already booked in one of the many fantastic Menorca villas, you might not have been to the island before. Even if you have, there are some important bits of information that might turn out to be invaluable in a moment of need. There are many different kinds of accommodation available in Menorca: villas, hotels and apartments. You just need to decide what suits and pack your bags!

Venice’s Musical Traditions

When you arrive in the city by your Venice airport water taxi, don’t be surprised if you happen to hear a song or two on your journey across the waterways! Venice is home to a grand musical tradition, and one of the most influential cities in the development of Italy’s musical forms and culture. In ancient times, the Venetian state was known as the ‘Republic of Music’ – and it still maintains a distinction in musical circles even today. The experience of floating along in a gondola is one that goes hand in hand with a few snatches of song, and you may feel inspired to sing yourself after you arrive safely and begin delving into the ancient city’s musical history.

Come Play and Relax in Ouray – The Place to Visit in Colorado!

Ouray is a historic mining town, also known as the “Switzerland of America.” The town of Ouray is nestled in the majestic San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado at the beginning of the Million Dollar Highway. Regardless of time of the year, Ouray provides a variety of exciting activities for your enjoyment. Turn-of-the-century charm, pristine air, small-town friendliness and stunning views abound. The beautiful environment will set your spirits soaring!

6 Top Attractions in Ciutadella on Your Menorca Holidays

There are plenty of attractions to keep you busy when you book Menorca holidays, and the difficulty will not be finding things to do but choosing the best ones during your time on the island. Menorca holidays offer something for everyone, so if you are in the process of booking your summer holiday in or around Ciutadella then try to fit a few of the following attractions into your itinerary.

Visiting the Fascinating Museums of Geneva

Arriving in the city via a Geneva airport taxi is an exciting experience. You will get a glimpse of many destinations worth visiting during your time here, not least the wealth of different museums it has to offer. Which ones will appeal to you the most?

Top Sights In Geneva

When you think of tourist destinations, Switzerland is not one of the first that comes to mind. Unless you want to ski – in which case there are many world-famous peaks for you to slide gleefully down – the quaint, peaceful “neutral ambassador” of Europe is not an immediate candidate for your next travelling holiday. However, that is not to say that it does not have its points of interest. Geneva, in particular, has quite a few sights to take in, most of which can be reached straight from the airport, with the help of a Geneva airport taxi. Learn about some of the main sights of this affluent Swiss city in the paragraphs below.

The Man Who Named the Airport

So you are flying to Venice. You have purchased your tickets, booked accommodation, and you have even arranged your Venice airport water taxi transfer for maximum commodity. And, like someone genuinely interested in the place they are visiting, you might even have read up on what to do, what to see and why. But have you ever stopped to think about who that guy who lent his name to Marco Polo Airport really was?

Summer Activities for Kids in Baton Rouge

There are many entertaining activities to take part in at Baton Rouge as well as a number of family places to go to while you are there. Baton Rouge is one of the most historic and vibrant places to visit with the family and is an absolutely riveting experience. It has a number of family outing spots including a zoo, the Magnolia Mound plantation, an arts centre, a golf course and many others.

Menorca: It’s Not Mallorca

When people see Menorca villas advertised, those that are not familiar with the island may just assume the Balearic Islands are all broadly similar. In fact, that’s not the case and each of the islands has its own unique characteristics. Menorca is no more like Mallorca or Ibiza than, let’s say, the Isle of Wight is like Jersey. It has its own culture, charm and history that make it particularly appealing to those looking for a certain type of holiday experience.

The Many Boats of Venice

If you mention Venice to most people, they will probably picture a network of murky lagoons and an army of gondolas relentlessly shepherding honeymooners around the delights of the city. However, to the surprise of many holidaymakers who arrive at Venice airport, boat transport in the city is not just confined to these dreamy, floating devices which holiday brochures dedicate so much space and time to. The city’s waterways are, to the contrary, used by a wide array of boats on a daily basis.

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