The Right Composition with the Right Light | Landscape Photography with the GFX100S

In this week’s Photography Adventure video, I take a trip up to the Pilbara with my son to share with him the unique landscape of Karijini. With the GFX100S with me, we look for the opportunity for some landscape photography.

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Even though we travelled up to the region outside the school holidays, the National Park was packed with tourists. A sign of the times, with restricted borders, people from Western Australia were taking the opportunity to explore their state.

The rig is set up just for these scenarios. We camped just outside the National Park in a gorgeous location amongst the trees.

We explored a few of the gorges in the area for the opportunity for some landscape photography. However, I was looking to capture a different story of the landscape.

Typically I search for scenes within the gorges to capture an image, but I wanted to tell a different story. A story of the landscape that captures the colours of the Pilbara. Throughout the day, I noted elements and features of the landscape that caught my eye, the rich red rock, the stunning textures and shapes of the trees, and the stunning red cliffs found in the area.

While driving back to our campsite, I discovered a spot where I had those three elements in one area, with the trees clustered together, creating a strong focal point. The red rock in the foreground provided great initial interest and helped lead the eye into the scene.

It was a cloudless sky, and I wanted an even light across the scene. So I waited for the sun just to set and then worked quickly with the ambient light I had.

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